Raven Reyes

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Name: Raven Reyes
Occupation: Zero-G Mechanic
Relationships: unnamed mother, Finn Collins (ex-boyfriend), Kyle Wick (ex-love interest)
Fandom: The 100
Other: Portrayed by Lindsey Morgan.
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Raven Reyes is a main character in the 100 series.

Raven Reyes is so many things. She is intelligent, emotional, strong, vulnerable, compassionate, and stubborn, all packaged in a girl who just wants to help... And, okay, maybe make things go "boom" every once in a while.[1]


Not one of the original delinquents, Raven took a damaged drop ship to Earth because she believe the 100 and her ex-boyfriend Fin Collins were alive. Once on Earth, Raven's experience as a mechanic makes her a valuable member to the new community.

Raven is shot in the leg by John Murphy. She suffers considerable pain when moving and her mobility is impaired in the second season. The normally independent Raven struggles to adapt to her new limitations. She continues to work as a mechanic and engineer and is integral in the fight against the Mountain Men.

In season 3, Raven's chronic pain makes her susceptible to A.L.I.E.'s promises. Raven does take the chip, but after the delinquents work to unchip her, Raven works to defeat A.L.I.E. and destroy the city of light.

Raven retains a piece of A.L.I.E.'s code in her mind. It improves her mental processing speed, but eventually leads to seizures. Again Raven is essential as Skaikru work to protect their people from the nuclear radiation that threatens all of humanity. As of the end of season 4, Raven has cured her seizures and returned to the Ark, to wait out the nuclear apocalypse.



It could be argued that Raven is the Little Black Dress of the fandom, because she is appears in numerous The 100 pairings, including with characters she had no canon interaction with, as well as crossover pairings


Common Tropes in Fanworks

  • Modern AU: modern setting, where she meets or knows other characters from the series
  • High School AU or College AU: common because of her relative age
  • PTSD: dealing with the traumatic events that have happened to her throughout the series
  • Disability: Raven suffers with a physical disability in the show, and this is sometimes referred to within hurt comfort fics. Even within AU fics, Raven sometimes has an accident that results in a physical disability. While many fans are happy to see a positive representation of a disabled character, others use the tag Stop Hurting Raven to express their unhappiness with Raven's recent storylines.







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