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Name/s: Cerignola
Fandom/s: Sherlock (BBC), M*A*S*H, The X-Files, Gilmore Girls, Harry Potter, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Doctor Who, Tortall, The Hunger Games
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Fannish History

I've always been a fan, but I didn't know about fan communities growing up. My first entry into fandom came in 2004, when a friend emailed me a link to a Harry Potter epic on La Societe des Femmes Dangereuses. For a long time Harry Potter fic was the only interest I had. Then a friend introduced me to Sherlock, and I was hooked on all fanworks, all the time. I am still mostly a lurker, but I now maintain a Tumblr and an AO3 account, and in the future, I hope to start making some podfic! I am also interested in fandom history (and the preservation thereof!) on an academic level as well, and hope to write about it in the future.

Current Favorites

I'm still a fairly big Sherlock (BBC) fan, although right now I'm slowly working my way through classic X-Files fics, I would also be remiss if I didn't mention my new favorite show, Sleepy Hollow.

On Fanlore

I enjoy researching the history of my favorite fandoms, as well as documenting current fannish practices. I just joined the Wiki Committee, and I look forward to contributing to the Wiki in an official way as well as just editing!