Thea Queen & Felicity Smoak

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Gen Relationship
Relationship: Thea Queen & Felicity Smoak
Alternative name(s): Thelicity
Fandom: Arrow
Type: Family, Friends and Allies
Canonical?: Canon acquaintances
Prevalence: common
See also: Thea Queen/Felicity Smoak.
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Thea & Felicity is the gen relationship of Felicity Smoak and Thea Queen from the Arrow fandom.


Although Thea & Felicity have a few onscreen meetings, they have yet to actually have a conversation one-on-one in canon so it's hard to judge exactly what they consider each other besides being part of Oliver's life. Fans often impress the notion that the two bonded over the months Oliver Queen disappeared after the Undertaking and Tommy Merlyn's death, since Thea took over Verdant and Felicity was at Verdant working on upgrading the Arrow cave. Otherwise fans often have their friendship start after Oliver/Felicity happens or after Thea joins Team Arrow.

There is the some interest in Thea and Felicity being family - usually by being sister-in-laws in works where Olicity are married. However there are a few works where Thea and Felicity are siblings through their father, Malcolm Merlyn - making Tommy Merlyn their half-brother. Canonically Thea is the only known daughter Malcolm has, but fans like to use the element of not knowing Felicity's father's identity.


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