The Revolution Will Not Be Civilized

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Title: The Revolution Will Not Be Civilized
Author(s): The Ragnarok
Date(s): September - October 2011
Length: 53,000
Genre: slash, Alpha/Beta/Omega AU
Fandom: Inception
External Links: on AO3; on the kink meme (scroll down)

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The Revolution Will Not Be Civilized is an Inception AU by the ragnarok, first posted anonymously as a fill to a prompt on the Inception kink meme, in 80 parts.

Author's summary: Arthur is the son of the ruler, and an Omega male. Eames is leading the revolution. Which kidnaps Arthur. This is only the start of their problems.

The original prompt was "Arthur is an omega male (self lubricating ass and the ability to get pregnant) while Eames is an alpha. They might or might not have feelings for each other. Arthur goes in heat unexpectedly, and Eames, after wiping out the competition, breeds him for the entire heat. Bonus points for impregnation and even lactation kink."[1] Understandably then, the author's original response started life as "cracktastic porn - Eames was of the Dog Nation and Arthur of the Cat Nation, captivity heat porn shenanigans -", (and the story tags on AO3 reflect a long list of kinks, including mpreg, Alpha/Beta/Omega dynamics, dubcon, knotting and fuck or die).

However the story grew to include themes of conflict and resolution, "at some point all the economic/political articles I've been reading over the summer have filtered in, and I've been reading a lot; as well as some experiences from attending protests. ... So this is a mish-mash of Id-based indulgence and political wankery. Basically not unlike a cheesy romance novel written by a cheap socialist Ayn Rand knock off. With porn."[2]

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