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Name: The RS-X Archive
Date(s): 2000-2003 (last update)
Founder: Sofie Werkers and Joanne
Fandom: RPS
URL: (Wayback)

RS-X (Yahoo! Group)
screencap of the last updates
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The RS-X Archive is the archive of the RS-X mailing list, which is an offshoot of the RareSlash mailing list.

The RS-X mailing list was founded January 26, 2000, after much discussion on the Rareslashmailing list regarding whether or not RPS should be allowed to be posted to RareSlash.

RS-X was a central pivot point for a lot of Actorfic activity during the early 2000s.

The archive is for "new stories in fandoms that do not have a specific archive yet. If a fandom has an archive, we will only accept stories with rare pairings. [...] Stories that were submitted before a fandom acquired an archive or a pairing became officially non-rare will stay archived, unless they are also archived at the fandom archive."[1]

Definition of rare pairings:
A RealPeopleSlash fandom or pairing is no longer considered rare if more than three writers are writing the fandom/pairing and there are more than ten stories for them. If you're not sure if your story is considered rare or not, please ask onlist, and we'll be glad to vote on it. :)[2]
Archives that were linked from The RS-X Archive include:


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