The Lost World of Early Anime Fansites

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Title: The Lost World of Early Anime Fansites
Commentator: Animation Obsessive
Date(s): May 29, 2022
Medium: Substack article
Fandom: Anime
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The Lost World of Early Anime Fansites is a Substack article published May 2022, the first third of which examines a Spanish-language magazine which preserves snapshots of some early anime fansites that are no longer available in full even through the Wayback Machine.

The Substack article mentions by name David’s Anime Resources and Info, Anime Theme, Kiki’s Internet Services,, Animecca, The Taiho Shichau Zo Manga Pages, Macross Mecha Designs, Satoshi Kobayashi's manga page,, and Serpent's Anime Page, along with the directory /pub/anime-manga. The magazine articles in question, PC Top Player 013, 022 and 040, are available on the Internet Archive.