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Owner/Maintainer: Hiroyuki Hironaga
Dates: 1995-
Type: Domain, personal, links
Fandom: Anime
URL: (archived 1996)
Click here for related articles on Fanlore. was an early anime-related website that featured links and other information about anime. It collected links and hosted sites like The Gundam Project, Ken Stone's Catgirl Paradise, and other sites from owners who were having trouble finding hosting:

Well besides to be a major ego trip ^_^; was designed to be the Otaku's haven from fascist system administrators and anal corporations. And who knows, maybe one of these days I'll make a couple bucks off of it, too. But right now, I'm in a pretty selfless mood ^_^

If you have some anime WWW pages that are suffering because of fascist system administrators, or you lost your account, then you can make a plea for help here.

If your cause is found worthy, will grant your pages Otaku asylum.

What is Anime.Net, anyway? (archived 1996)

The front page was last updated in 1998.[1] By February 21, 1999, the front page changed to a rotation of bunny girls drawn by different artists, promising that 2.0 would be coming soon.[2] The bunny girls remained until 2016, when they were replaced with a blank white page. As of 2022, the front page was simply a figure stating, "Existence is pain". There was still an email address associated with the page. The various other pages hosted by remained live, although many of them closed over time.[3]


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