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Name: Anime Theme
Owner/Maintainer: Butz Yung
Dates: 1997-present
Type: Fanwork
Fandom: Anime
URL:[1] (no archive); (archived December 1998); (current)
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Anime Theme is a site that offers downloadable anime-related desktop themes, wallpapers, gadgets and games. The site and its forums have been maintained at until the present day.

In the 90s, it had Winamp skins and also had a custom Javascript theme that recreated the Windows 95 Start menu on the website, allowing fans to navigate the page by clicking through the menu. The Lost World of Early Anime Fansites preserves a screencap of the Netscape version of the site circa 1998.


  1. ^ Linked by Ranma_9: "Looking for anime desktop themes for your Windows95 PC, then look no farther than here. This page has by far the coolest web page I've seen in awhile, a very slick interface (takes advantage of Netscape 4.0/MSIE 4.0 browsers)."