Macross Mecha Designs

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Name: Macross Mecha Designs
Owner/Maintainer: Dave Deitrich
Dates: 1996-
Type: Informational
Fandom: Macross/Robotech
URL: (archived 1996); (Archived 2014)
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Macross Mecha Designs was a site that hosted information about mechs appearing in the Macross and Robotech series. It included canon images, and also provided the webmaster's recommended stats to adapt Macross-only mechs into the Macross II RPG published by Palladium Books. It also linked to several of Deitrich's other sites focused on Palladium roleplay, and the site for Third Invid War, a supplement to the official RPG that he co-authored with Chris Meadows.

The site was last updated in 1998, but fans continued to use Deitrich's schematics in their RPGs.[1]


  1. ^ Nov. 24, 2006: "Many of those who still play the RPG incorporate many of his stuff in their Robotech RPG games... He also published a number of mecha stats for Macross for those who wish to incorporate those mecha into Robotech or run a Macross Plus RPG game."