The Horse-Tamer's Daughter (filkbook)

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Filk Songbook
Title: The Horse-Tamer's Daughter
Publisher: Off-Centaur Publications
Editor(s): Teri Lee
Date(s): 1984
Medium: Print
Language: English
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Filkbook cover, art by Wendy Rose

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The Horse-Tamer's Daughter is a filk songbook published by Off-Centaur Publications. It was edited by Teri Lee and illustrated by Carolly Hauksdottir, Wendy Rose, and Don Simpson. The collection was also recorded in audio, The Horse-Tamer's Daughter. See The Horse-Tamer's Daughter for more information about the title song.

Each song included both musical notation and art. Several songs included won Pegasus Awards.[1]


Black Widows in the Privy
  • Walk through the Night Side (Leslie Fish), illus. Don Simpson
  • Female of the Species (Rudyard Kipling/Leslie Fish), illus. Carrolly Hauksdottir
  • The Bait (Mercedes Lackey/Leslie Fish), illus. Carrolly Hauksdottir
  • Temper of Revenge (Julia Ecklar)
  • A Rose for Emily (Julia Ecklar) illus. Don Simpson
  • Laughter from the Loch (Don Simpson) illus. Don Simpson
  • Threes (Mercedes Lackey/Leslie Fish) illus. Carrolly Hauksdottir
  • Fellowship Going South (Leslie Fish; arr. Catherine Cook) illus. Don Simpson
  • Signy Mallory (Mercedes Lackey/Leslie Fish) illus. Don Simpson
  • Miracle Worker (Julia Ecklar) illus. Don Simpson
  • Golden Eyes (Mercedes Lackey/Leslie Fish; arr. Joey Shoji) illus. Don Simpson
  • The Horse Tamer's Daughter (Leslie Fish) illus. Wendy Rose
  • The Oath (Arlin Robbins) illus. Carrolly Hauksdottir
  • Black Widows in the Privy (Heather Rose Jones) illus. Don Simpson

Other Places of Print

The single main piece is also in Moon Phases #7.


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