The Genre War (essay by Flash)

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Title: The Genre War
Creator: Flash
Date(s): 2009
Medium: online
Fandom: Hanson
Topic: het and slash (especially incest) fanfic
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The Genre War (subtitlted Coexistence in the Hanfic World) is a meta essay written by Flash for the articles section of


Within the Hanfic community, there are quite a few factions. There are people who write and read only Hancest, people who write and read only non-Hancest, and people who really don’t care as long as it’s a good story. I personally fall more in the middle than anything, so I thought I’d take a look at both sides and see what the big problems were with why they just can’t seem to get along.
Because once someone attacks your favorite genre, you obviously have to defend, right? Once someone lobs mudballs into your sandbox, you have to get your own mudballs and lob them into theirs or else they’ll think they can just lob mudballs at you whenever they please and you just can’t have that, amirite?
The best thing for the Hanfic community as a whole is to ignore that loud, angry, mudball slinging minority. Yes, even if they comment on your fic to tell you you’re a horrible person. Because no matter how loud they get? They’re just a few of many. And if we start ignoring those mudball slingers they’ll eventually get bored and go away (most of them, anyway, some will stay…but we can always laugh at them) and the people who don’t care what you write will be left and the Hanfic Community will be able to coexist and come together to celebrate the love of writing, the love of reading, and the love of Hanson.

Because it isn’t about Hancest or Het or Slash or Gen, it’s about telling a good story.