The Duncan Sisters

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The Duncan Sisters refers to Tracy Duncan (younger) and her sister Nancy Duncan (older), BNF Star Wars fans in the early 1980s. They wrote and edited some of the earliest zines in the fandom.

They were controversial for their hostile views regarding Leia Organa. See Against the Sith.

They were also responsible for Open Letter to Star Wars Fans by the Duncans. In the letter, the Duncans disagreed with the characterizations of Luke, Han, and Leia in The Empire Strikes Back and were angry about some of the movie's plot. In the letter, they asked fans to boycott the movie and demanded that George Lucas destroy all copies of the film. [1]

This letter most likely added to the strained relations between George Lucas and fans and was one more marker on the road to Lucas' crackdown on fan fiction. See Open Letter to Star Wars Zine Publishers by Maureen Garrett.

Note: This Tracy Duncan is not the same person as Tracy Duncan, a Star Wars fan, active in online fandom since 1995, and, among other things, the webmaster of Club Jade, one of the oldest online Star Wars fan sites.



  1. ^ "The Duncans of 'Against the Sith' [were] a major subset of discussion after they circulated a long letter to fanzine editors, demanding a boycott of TESB and the destruction of the film by Lucas." Southern Enclave Issue #22 pdf, page 47