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Title: The Battlestar Review
Publisher: Colonial Enterprises/Battlestar One
Editor(s): Jeanne McGraw
Date(s): 1980-? (1995?)
Medium: print
Fandom: Battlestar Galactica (1978)
Language: English
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The Battlestar Review is a gen zine of fiction, art, reviews and articles.

There are sixteen issues and one special edition. In Song of Caprica #2 it is listed as the "Official Zine for Battlestar One."

Issue 1

The Battlestar Review 1

Issue 2

The Battlestar Review 2 was published in March 1981. The editor was Jeanne McGraw, with Jim Kingsley. The issue had 42 misnumbered pages plus full inner and outer covers.

Contents for the issue included:

  • Colonial Commentary by Terry Lee Canote
  • Star Lord by Maria Cianflone
  • Piscons and the Paranormal by Lynda Chapple
  • Mutual Acquaintance by Judy Roberts
  • Have we seen the last of Galactica? by Michael Deliz
  • Nightmare of a Science-Fiction Author by Maria Cianflone
  • Battlestar Galactica in the 23rd Century Part 2 b7 Randall Melton & Sherry Turner (a crossover with Star Trek: TOS)
  • Vengeance by Lynda Chapple

Editorial matter like ads, LOCs and zine trades made up the remainder of the issue.

Artwork was provided by Jeanne McGraw, Francis Mao and Marsh Myers (the strip on the back cover). The bulk of the illustrations (and front cover) were photographs.

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 2

All indications point to a long life for this new publication. The correction of a minor, but persistent flaw, will put this zine among the top, a position is well deserves. Shining brightest among the talents is author Maria Cianflone. She leads off with 'Star Lord,' my personal best-of-zine. Maria's imagery is breathtaking and innocent, filling the reader with the wonderment and awe that the main character feels -- astonishment that the author could step so far out of herself to take this fresh, simple view. She follows this up with a short piece of humor: 'Nightmare of a Science Fiction Author.' Stay with this one. It starts out slowly but suddenly comes together in a fresh approach to an interesting concept. Finally, there's Maria's 'Passageway,' the winning story from the 'Return of Starbuck Sequel Contest' from issue #1. Though short, the story is thought-provokingly symbolic -- a gentle speculation about Starbuck's fate after he is stranded on a deserted planet. 'Mutual Acquaintance' by Judy Roberts is not the second part of a serial, but rather a story that continues an idea established in the zine's first issue. The story deals with a newly-established character, Judith, and Flight Sergeant Jolly, a mostly over-looked character from Galactica. The author's pacing is steady, not flashy. The story is complete, yet leaves the reader hoping that there will be more glimpses into the lives of these two characters. Further adventures of the Galacticans in Star Trek territory continue in 'Battlestar: Galactica in the 23rd Century, part two' by R. Melton and S. Turner. The excitement builds as the author takes us closer to an understanding between the Galacticans and the people of the Enterprise, while establishing the new subplots and conflicts. The grasp of the characterizations is good, and the pace is steady, although I would have liked a stronger, more suspenseful ending to hold me until part three is published. Lynda Chapple's 'Vengeance' is a story that shows a side of Captain Apollo seldom seen. The object of a vendetta, Apollo is soon forced to confront his own fear, as well as his would-be killer. Although the assassin's identity is fairly easy to discern, the excitement is derived from following the characters' efforts in solving this mystery. 'Piscons and the Paranormal' is a piece that reads like a well-studied research paper, instead of the fiction report is really is. Much credit is due Lynda for the though and attention to detail she put into this. Non-fiction articles by Terry Canote and Michael Deliz, and randomly placed puzzles and quizzes add dimension to this zine. The layout is neat and clean, the titles a simple yet distinctive type-face. There is a balance between well-reproduced photos and art by Jeanne McGraw and Francis Mao. This issue's contest is a Galacticart Contest, and there are several ads and small news features as well. The persistent flaw that plagues this zine? Typographical errors and downright misspellings, along with the transposition of two pages. As for the typos and misspellings -- this is an area about which I am very particular. Nothing inhibits my concentration faster. And otherwise excellent job by the editorial staff is marred by an excess of these. My verdict on TBR2: run, don't walk to the nearest mailbox with your order for this zine. It will be money well spent! [1]

Issue 3

The Battlestar Review 3 was published after March, 1981 (the date of #2, the last one to carry a date). In theory, May, 1981, as the editor said that the zine was going to be bi-monthly from then on. Editor was Jeanne McGraw, with Jim Kingsley. The issue contained 48 misnumbered pages plus full inner and outer covers.

Contents of this issue included:

  • Colonial Commentary by Terry Lee Canote
  • Pursuit of the Unicorn by Maria Cianflone
  • Battlestar Galactica in the 23rd Century by Randy Melton & Sherry Turner (a crossover with Star Trek: TOS)
  • The Dream that's Galactica
  • Incarceration by Judy Roberts
  • Space Derelict by Francis Mao (4-page comic story)
  • Double Trouble by Lynda Chapple
  • Fanzines are Special by J.R. Janoski
  • Downfall of Rigel Five by Pat Hailey
  • Galactica Profiles - Dirk Benedict
  • Fire Dawn Part 1 by Lynda Chapple (the contents page lists the story as Fire in Space with in Space scribbled out and Dawn hand-written over it)
  • The Hike Part 1 by J.R. Janoski (later reprinted in toto from Gemini Press)

The balance of material in the issue is editorial, mainly editorials, zine and related ads, and featurelettes.

Artwork is provided by Gomez and Francis Mao. As ever, most of the illustrations in TBR were photos.

Issue 4

The Battlestar Review 4 appeared somewhere between #3 and #5; none of the issues after #2 carry a publication date. Counting from the date of #5, this one would've been out around July of 1981. Editor was Jeanne McGraw, with Jim Kingsley and Sherry Turner listed as associates. The issue had 44 misnumbered pages + full inner and outer covers.

Contents of this issue included:

  • Colonial Commentary by Terry Lee Canote
  • Firedawn (conclusion) by Lynda Chapple
  • Zine Interviewer Number 1 by Pat Hailey
  • The Retur of Starbuck Continued by "the VP of Battlestar One"
  • Review of the Battlestar Review #1 by Jean Graham
  • Nightmare of a Science Fiction Editor by Jeani McGraw
  • Galactica PRofiles - Richard Hatch
  • Technical Difficulties of a SF Author by Maria Cianflone
  • The Hike Part 2 by J.R. Janoski
  • The Amusements of Natas by Lynda Chapple
  • The Right One (for the Job) by Sherry Turner

The balance of the issue was filled with editorial matter, puzzles, zine and club ads.

Artwork was provided by Lynda Chapple, Francis Mao and Marsh Myers (the back cover strip). Most of the illustrations (including the cover) were photographs. The editor made a full-page plea for more artists to submit their works to the zine.

Issue 5

The Battlestar Review 5 appeared. The only copyright date in it is 1978, and that's for the BG TV Show; this one appeared after March 1981, the date of #2. #4 stated that #5 would be available "in September" which at least narrows the month down. The issue was also misnumbered #6, with a hand-lettered #5 label stuck on top of it. This issue contains 51 pages plus full outer and inner covers.

Contents of the issue included:

  • Colonial Commentary by Terry Lee Canote
  • The Hike (conclusion) by J.R. Janoski (later reprinted by Gemini Press)
  • Galacticapoll by David Weides
  • Discovery 2055: Earthstar (Parts 1 & 2) by Cliff Barbosa
  • An Interview with Don Bellisario by Erik Sprowls
  • Astralon Alert by Lynda Chapple
  • Zine Interviewer No. 2 by Pat Hailey
  • Galactica Profiles - Terry Carter
  • Mystery of Charybdis (Chapter 1) by Roberta Upton & Anamae Leon
  • Wild Warriors by Pat Hailey
  • No Time or Place by Charlene Fleming
  • The New Recruit by Juli-Ann Gaerisch

The balance of material in this issue was editorial and advertising.

Artwork was furnished by Francis Mao (all one picture) and Marsh Myers (the back cover). The other illustrations (and front cover) were photos.

Issue 6

The Battlestar Review 6 contains 37 pages.

Issue 7

The Battlestar Review 7 contains 40 pages.

Issue 8

The Battlestar Review 8 contains 29 pages.

Issue 9

The Battlestar Review 9 contains 39 pages.

  • an installment of The Myster of Charybdis by Roberta Upton and Anamae Leon
  • an installment of Discovery 2055: Earthstar by Cliff Barbosa
  • The Warrior and the Sorcerer by Pat Hailey (Starbuck is slowly dying. Can Apollo find a way to save him after the doctor gives up?)
  • Trail of Fear by Karen Judson (Sheba's fear in combat, after Bojay is killed, almost costs Apollo his life.)
  • The Return by Theresa MacMillan (Starbuck is lost, and this is the story of his ordeal and those who mourn his loss.)
  • I Never Knew My Father by Marie Gleason (Starbuck and Athena are captured by Baltar, who has a special kind of revenge against Adama in mind)

Issue 10

The Battlestar Review 10 was published in November 1985 and contains 38 pages.

cover of issue #10
  • The Orphan Connection by Lane Guigard (Illegal drugs are being manufactured and sold in the fleet, and the warrior's best lead is a connection to the Orphan ship, and to a friend of Apollo and Starbuck.)
  • Bedtime by Alice Baltes (Boxey recalls the last time he saw his father, and how he forgot to say goodbye.)
  • an installment of The Myster of Charybdis by Roberta Upton and Anamae Leon
  • an installment of Discovery 2055: Earthstar by Cliff Barbosa
  • cartoons and a puzzle

Issue 11

The Battlestar Review 11 was published in July 1986 and contains 38 pages.

cover of issue #11
  • The conclusion of The Myster of Charybdis by Roberta Upton and Anamae Leon
  • Discovery 2055: Earthstar by Cliff Barbosa
  • Blind Courage by Karen Judson (Apollo misses a shot, and a Cylon raider makes a hit on Starbuck's viper. Can either man accept the consequences?)
  • Saboteur by Jacqueline Bush (Bojay is captured and conditioned by the Cylons to destroy his friends. Will he succeed?)
  • Healer of Zalot by Karen Judson (Can the healer force Apollo to become her slave?)

Issue 12

The Battlestar Review 12 was published in October 1987 and contains 46 pages.

cover of issue #12
  • Thy Brother's Keeper by Karen Judson (A story about Troy and Dillon and Troy's brother, the son of Apollo and Sheba.)
  • The Gambler by Leslee Wilcox (Meet the man who taught Starbuck to gamble and carry on his crown of the best Pyramid player in the Colonies.)
  • The Gateway to Sanctuary by Gloria Ballenger and Jacqueline Bush (Written by two fans who have their own view of what the final episode of the series should have been and here it is to share with you as well.)
  • No Rest for the Weary by A.S. Doutt (It had been a long day of fighting and then it became an even longer night of coping with the nightmares.)

Issue 13

The Battlestar Review 13 was published in November 1987 and contains 34 pages.

cover of issue #13
  • The Synergist by Karen Kane (Apollo is acting Commander and driving everyone to distraction when a mission comes up and only Cadel Aural and Captain Apollo can succeed.)
  • Love's Awakening by Dawn Kinder (Serina's ghost is a barrier that Sheba cannot break down even as she and Apollo become closer, until Serina herself steps into the picture.)
  • Unsung Hero of the War by A.S. Doutt (A short story about a Hero we don't usually reconize.)
  • Images of the Past by Karen Judson (A story of Athena and how she handles the loss of the man she loves.)

Issue 14

The Battlestar Review 14 contains 32 pages.

  • The Trial of Captain Keil by M.B. Doutt and A.S. Doutt (Captain Keil is the commander of Yellow Squadron and his apparent disregard of orders causes unnecessary deaths and gains Apollo's wrath.)
  • Returning to Duty by Heather Simmons (Who is Lieutenant Ariana and how did she wind up as Apollo's wingman?)
  • Alone by Dawn Kinder and Julie Steven (A story about Athena and her friendship with Serina.)

Issue 15

The Battlestar Review 15 contains 33 pages.

  • Wait Until Dawn by Leslee Wilcox (Starbuck crash lands and is lost to the fleet; he is rescued and ends up fighting in a local war. Then he he is captured and will die at dawn, unless help arrives. Will Apolloand the Galactica arrive in time, or has Starbuck's luck finally run out?)
  • Doomed Anniversary by Karen Judson (Sheba and Apollo are celebrating their wedding anniversary when they are called back to the Galactica for a mission. It's a little deception by Adama, who wants to give them a little time alone on the planet they are near. It almost costs them both their lives.)
  • Daddy, Daddy, part one by Debbie Smith (Starbuck is shot down and his life is saved by a very special little girl. She manages to be the woman who wins his heart. Just how will Starbuck function as a father?)


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