The Colonials

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Title: The Colonials
Publisher: Gemini Press
Colonial Enterprises
Editor(s): J.R. Janoski (with Lydia Stark and Jaimi Sorrell)
Series?: Battlestar Galactica
Medium: print
Fandom: Battlestar Galactica (1978)
Language: English
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The Colonials is a gen Battlestar Galactica anthology fanzine, created when J.R. Janoski split from Song of Caprica, taking several series published therein with her.

There are seven regular issues and at least two special issues.

Issue 1

cover of issue #1

The Colonials 1 was published in March 1984. It contains 100 pages of stories, art and illustrations.

  • The Dream lives on (editorial appeal for material)
  • UNICOMM (editorial message from Lydia Stark)
  • The Galactica Journals by J.R. Janoski (continuing from Song of Caprica)
  • Charles & Edith by J.R. Janoski
  • Love's Reward by J.R. Janoski (Starbuck is shot down during an attack. Apollo follows to rescue him, and Starbuck dreams of his early days and his mother.)
  • Battlestar Galactica Art Portfolio by Don Lewis
  • BG Reporter - On the Job by Pat Hailey
  • A Blanket of Love by J.R. Janoski (Apollo was lost on a long-range patrol. Sectons later he's found in the cell cylon collaborators left him, pained and insane)
  • Explain that last by J.R. Janoski
  • Merloc by J.R. Janoski
  • Sheba - Settling In by J.R. Janoski
  • Story Contest Illustration by J.R. Janoski
  • Columbia Chronicles: Give Us This Day by Renee L. Groce (the chronicles of another battlestar that survived the Peace Conference)
  • Editorial and advertising material made up the bulk of the rest of the issue.
  • Artwork was provided by J.R. Janoski, Davey Jones, Francis Mao, Mel White, Nancy Janda and Don Lewis (portfolio and front cover), as well as random cartoons.

Issue 2

The Colonials 2 was published in October 1984 and contains 110 pages + outer covers. Editrices were J.R. Janoski and Jaimi Sorrell. Artwork was provided by Don Lewis (including the front cover), J.R. Janoski, Barbara Walker, Sophia Kelly and Mike Chadwell.

cover of issue #2
  • UNICOMM by J.R. Janoski
  • Executive Officer's Report by Jaimi Sorrell
  • BG: The Earthsearch Saga by J.R. Janoski and Jaimi Sorrell
  • The Promise by Jaimi Sorrell (What was the promise that Cassiopeia made to Apollo's dying wife, and how does it have the power to destroy him?)
  • All's Well by B.J. Walker
  • The Test by J.R. Janoski (Apollo is crippled in a crash and must learn to live with the handicaps his injuries have brought.)
  • An Ad for Colonials #3
  • Secret Friends by Helen Detra
  • An Ad for Colonial Con
  • Earthling by Lane Gulgard (Starbuck finds love at last in this Star Wars crossover story.)
  • The Alliance by Theresa McMillan
  • Come Dawn by Teresa Sarick
  • Memories by J.R. Janoski
  • 'Now available from Gemini Press'
  • Adama's Fairy Tales: The Story of Rebel Music by Beverly Dixon
  • Rites of Passage by Mary Robertson
  • The Columbia Chronicles: This Man... This Monster! by Mike Chadwell and Renee Grace
  • The Columbia Chronicles: Bitter Victory by Mike Chadwell
  • 'Still available from Gemini Press'
  • 'In the launching tubes'

Issue 3

The Colonials 3 was published in March 1985 and contains 135 pages.

cover of issue #3
  • The Warrior and the Unicorn, part 2
  • In Time of Need by Jaimi Sorrell (Starbuck crash lands on a planet after and engine malfunction and the rescue team discovers a body burned beyond recognition. After the ceremony of remembrance, Apollo and Cassiopeia find solace in each other's arems as they both grieve for the man they believe to be dead.)
  • The Man Who Talks by J.R. Janoski (Apollo and Sheba are on a routing shuttle run when their craft experiences an electrical failure. They land and are conducting repairs when a group of women warriors surrounds them. Apollo, realizing they've encountered a matriarchal society, is forced to let Sheba take the lead, but the women have their own plans for Apollo)
  • Battlestar Galactica: The Earthsearch Saga by J.R. Janoski & Jaimi Sorrell
  • Incident on Phineas by J.B. Walker
  • Doomsday in the Galley by J.R. Janoski
  • Star Lost by Theresa MMillan
  • Nightmare in Argon by Jamie Sorrell

The Columbia Chronicles:

    • Survival Run by Mike Chadwell
    • Shadows of the Past by Renée Groce
    • No Greater Sacrifice by Mike Chadwell

Issue 4

The Colonials 4 was published in August 1987 and contains 105 pages.

cover of issue #4
  • Soul of Iron by J.R. Janoski (The sequel to "Blanket of Love," a simple mission to purchase food for the fleet goes awry and Starbuck, Boomer, Sheba, and Apollo are captured by the local military who believe they are spies sent by their enemies.)
  • Dimensions of the Mind by Barbara Walker (Starbuck suffers an accident which leaves him with strange abilities, can he learn to cope or will he be driven insane?)
  • Two for Apollo by Chrisso Boulis (The Galactica encounters a Colonial craft which had been lost before the destruction of the Colonies. Who is the occupant and how will Apollo and Starbuck cope with this memory from both of their pasts?)
  • The Colonial Con Report" (a con report by Don Lewis)

Issue 5

The Colonials 5 was published in October 1987 and contains 100 pages.

cover of issue #5
  • Secrets of a Primitive Planet, fiction by Denise Rioux and Karen Taschner (Apollo meets the Dahrian High Priestess and is mortally wounded by her guard. Will she violate the law of her land to save him?)
  • That Shining Planet, fiction by Don Lewis (The Galactica encounters a group of capsules floating in space, the beings in them appear to be humanoid and from Earth. However, they are not what they seem, and a horrifying secret almost destroys the Colonials.)
  • Do Dreams Come True, fiction by Jim Baker (Adama has a recurring dream and wishes for dreams to come true.)
  • Prologue, fiction by Mary Robertson
  • Legacy, fiction by Anais S. Lawrence
  • Children of the Gods, fiction (chapters 1 & 2) by Anna C. Buchmann
  • art, articles, etc.

Issue 6

The Colonials 6 was published in December 1987 and contains 92 pages.

cover of issue #6
  • The Proletariat Complex, fiction by Denise Rioux & Karen Taschner
  • Dream Shadows, fiction by Denise Rioux & Karen Taschner
  • The First Born, fiction by J. R.Janoski
  • Children of the Gods (chapters 3 & 4), fiction by Anna C. Buchmann (to be continued)
  • art, articles, etc.

Issue 7

The Colonials 7 was published in 1988.

  • Legacy by Carla T. Menke (A very special story about Colonel Tigh and his long friendship with Commander Adama, and the legacy that friendship has given him.)
  • The First Councilor of Saggitari by Eugenia Horne (Who is the handsome, suave gentleman who has swept Athena off her feet. Why is Adama so reluctant to have him serve as her aid? A story which occurs before the destruction of the Colonies and gives us a different point of view of some favorite characters.)
  • The Changling by Karen Taschner and Denise Rioux (Baltar plots his revenge against the Colonials and in particular, Commander Adama. This time he has an ally who can gain access to any part of the Galactica or any ship of the fleet. Jenner is a Calyan, a member of a race of beings able to assume any form they choose. It is survival mechanism for the Calyans who are nothing but a hideous blob of pale flesh molded into a form vaguely resembling that of a human.)

Special Issue 1

It's possible that this issue contains "The Hike" by J.R. Janoski.

Special Issue 2

See 1988's Galacticamania.