The Alternate Universe Series

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Title: The Alternate Universe Series aka the Kendall-Conner-Kenny-verse
Author(s): Magdelena
Date(s): c. 2005–2010
Length: Over 30 stories (ficlets/one-shots)
Genre: Alternate universe, kidfic, slash
Fandom: Smallville
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The Alternate Universe series, also known as the Kendall-Conner-Kenny-verse, is a series of Smallville fanfiction by Magdelena.

The first story in the series, Secrets Revealed, was written for the First Time prompt as part of "The Bad Sex Challenge" for the thirteenth wave of the ClexFest.

The series was nominated in the category "Best Of Series" at sv_awardz in 2006.[1]

Many of the earlier stories in the series were posted at the Smallville Slash Archive and have since been imported to Archive of Our Own. Others are only available through Magdelena's now-friendslocked LiveJournal.


A series of stories highlighting the antics of the ever-growing Kent-Luthor family (Clark, Lex, Kendall, Conner, and Kenny).

Several stories are written from differing character perspectives, and range in rating from PG-13 - NC-17. There is one story in the arc that is a crossover with the Harry Potter universe. This series was nominated for a TSA award.[2]


Cover art for Postcards from Krypton by laurab1.
  1. Secrets Revealed
  2. Home
  3. It's Superman!
  4. Papa's Little Princess
  5. Good News
  6. The Unthinkable
  7. Cookies and Angels
  8. Shattered Assumptions
  9. Where a Tycoon Can Be a Tycoon
  10. Peanut Butter and WHAT?
  11. Family First
  12. Postcards from Krypton
  13. Goodbye to the Past
  14. A Dose of Kent
  15. A Damn Good Reason
  16. Anniversaries Past
  17. Lex Luthor - President
  18. Smallville, the Kent-Luthors, and the Wardrobe (Crossover with Harry Potter)
  19. Full House
  20. Family Night
  21. Abnormal
  22. Overheard
  23. Checkmate
  24. Good Parents
  25. You Can Catch More Flies...
  26. Crisis
  27. Seeking Destiny
  28. Choices
  29. Vacations
  30. The Nanny
  31. An Amazing Start
  32. The Truth About Lionel
  33. Guess Who's Coming to Dinner


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