The 'Dip

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Title: The 'Dip
Creator: Gina
Date(s): June 2002
Medium: online
Fandom: The X-Files
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The 'Dip is a 2002 essay by Gina posted to Semper Fi, "a John Doggett & Scully/Doggett Fansite."

This essay was first posted to Yahoo!Group SHODDS, a Yahoo Group."

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In that long summer before Season 8 began and shippers were reeling from the realities of Scully's pregnancy and Mulder's abduction, I, along with many others, seethed in preparation for the appearance of the new character, Doggett. Bashing occurred; general whining occurred; people were stressed and greatly annoyed with the idea of "another" Mulder. At least that's how it was in my particular, and only, fan "community." We waited apprehensively for the premiere, and held our breaths. For I was a big a shipper as anyone.

By the end of the first episode, I was forced to concede that Doggett was not really the spawn of Satan, and that in fact he was just an honest guy trying to do his job. I decided that Doggett would be tolerable until Mulder's return.

Nothing much else happened to change my view of the X-world until that glorious episode, "Via Negativa." I was sympathetic to Doggett as I had never been before; and what's more, I found myself greatly intrigued by the strange idea that... Doggett was in love with Scully.

It completely shocked me. Yet, there it was. All the other victims had dreamed of their worst nightmares -- Doggett, meanwhile, dreamed of Scully's death. Why would that be so terrible to him? Surely there were worse things than that? But no, I was forced to conclude that Doggett had something going on for Scully, something that made me actually like him. I was no longer just tolerating him. I enjoyed him. And I was halfway to the 'dip.

I became more involved in the fan-community, and joined the Church of X mailing list. There were some serious Doggett-lovers there, and by the end of a week or two, after "Medusa" had aired, I began to think of Doggett as hot, and I wondered if Mulder was really necessary. "Per Manum" aired, and I went giggly at the shippy bits -- but also when Doggett put his hand on Scully's shoulder.

Strange.  ;)

So when did I make the transition from demi-dipper to dipper? Old e-mail gathering dust in my filing cabinet says around December or January, when I began playing with the idea that maybe Doggett and Scully had some kind of relationship during the three months Mulder was buried. I even started up a fanfic devoted to the idea -- "Minor Variation," which I now think is one of my very favorite stories (of mine, anyway). I sent it out to the Addicted to Doggett list, my pro-Doggett haven, and got almost zilch feedback -- except from Meg and Lisa S. And they convinced me to join SHODDS, and the rest is history!

I admit that when I first joined I was a little apprehensive. The 'dip was still very new to me, and I hesitated to embrace it fully. But now, I can't think of *not* wanting Doggett and Scully together. There is still the problem of Mulder, and I do still like him, and I do still enjoy some semblance of the ship. I think.  ;) But now the 'dip will occupy a permanent place in my little heart, because Doggett is manly and deserves Scully (at least, like you guys were saying, nonweepy Scully. The Scully of S5, yes, all the way up to the middle or so of S8 -- she *was* butt-kicking, wasn't she? Memories....), and Scully deserves him. I love Reyes and all, and I'm certain she's madly in love with Doggett, but I don't know if he really sees her as much more than a kid sister, or a tagalong friend. She *is* rather younger than him. So I don't know.

Anyway, though, long live the Doggship!