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Re: Hopes for a PoC Newt Scamander

ETA: If you can add anything to this section, PLEASE DO; don't worry about stepping on my toes or whatever. (I don't know that this needs to be specified, but it can't hurt, right?) --Bikedancelaugheat (talk) 05:31, 13 August 2018 (UTC)

Where should this section go?

I put it on the Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them page because PoC Newt headcanons/hopes often reference the setting of this movie, 1920s New York City, and that it just happens to be the time and place of the Harlem Renaissance--and what could be better than Newt and his fantastic beasts running around Harlem during that Renaissance?--

But it could also go on the Newt Scamander character page, once it exists, or the Fantastic Beasts series page. Thoughts? --Bikedancelaugheat (talk) 06:01, 27 July 2018 (UTC)

Good question! I was thinking that if the section grew much more, it might need to move to Newt's character page - in the same way that the Ilvermorny controversy was eventually spun off into the Ilvermorny page (which also didn't exist before that moment xD). It's tricky, because the PoC Newt headcanons were very much tied in with the build-up to the release of the first film, but they also have links to other Potter content like Rowling's Quidditch World Cup final gossip column. (Remind me to make a page for that...)
Also, if we move the info to Newt's character page we can add things like fanwork examples featuring PoC!Newt, which I think belong more on a character page. However, we should still have a section for it on this page and link to the character page.
So that would be my vote :3 --enchantedsleeper (talk) 15:46, 01 August 2018 (UTC)
A bit odd to be returning to this after so long, maybe, but I was looking at this page again today and I would like to shift the sections "Newt's Hogwarts House" and "Hopes for a POC Newt Scamander" over to his character page, since he now has one and because they are really specific to his character. I would also like to shift over the parts of this Talk page that relate to it, to keep them together. Any objections to that? (Tagging Bikedancelaugheat since many of the Talk page notes are yours) --enchantedsleeper (talk) 21:13, 6 June 2021 (UTC)
(Formatting this like a Featured Article vote because ... because. :) )
Yes: I agree with the plan to move the sections "Newt's Hogwarts House" and "Hopes for a PoC Newt Scamander" from the Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them page to the Newt Scamander character page. And moving the "Re: Hopes for a PoC Newt Scamander" section from/to the corresponding talk pages.
--Bikedancelaugheat (talk) 02:51, 7 June 2021 (UTC)
Thanks, Bikedancelaugheat! We're now moved :D I'll try to work on implementing more of the suggestions from this Talk page, too ^^ --enchantedsleeper (talk) 17:54, 13 June 2021 (UTC)


Most of my sources are from Tumblr, and there are four quotations from one Tumblr conversation.

Does anyone have sources/examples from platforms other than Tumblr, or from other parts of Tumblr?

Does anyone have firsthand knowledge so they can better describe what all happened? --Bikedancelaugheat (talk) 06:01, 27 July 2018 (UTC)

I took a quick look through fail_fandomanon's indexing search thing, dememe.
  • Sept. 12th, 2013 - quick reference to Race Stuff
  • Sept. 15th 2013 - LONG threadof ppl replying to a post that in part says "...the fact that Fantastic Beasts has just been announced and already we have racewank concerns me."
  • June 2nd, 2015 - anons react to the newt casting choice. "Usually I'm not with Tumblr, but this role should have went to a POC. An Indian guy preferably."
Bonus?? In case you want it??
  • Sept 20th, 2013 - some anons talk about Dumbledore's sexuality and their hopes abt its portrayal
There's probably more if you look around the dememe! I searched "fantastic beasts" and sorted from oldest to newest and really only skimmed. You can find info to log in to ffa's dememe accounts at the top of the 2015 page. I hope this helps!
- Hoopla (talk) 16:16, 1 August 2018 (UTC)
Oooo, thank you! --Bikedancelaugheat (talk) 05:31, 13 August 2018 (UTC)

Here's a Reddit thread from a few years ago on the topic. Scroll down a bit and it gets into a pretty extended conversation about this - in particular, might be worth noting that at least one user noted a pattern of downvoting whenever someone mentioned wanting to see Newt cast as a person of color. Also, might want to check out this academic thesis, starting on p. 174. - Fandomgeographies (talk) 13:59, 13 August 2018 (UTC)

Dates & Links

Re: the two fancasting articles on Mugglenet:

1. When I accessed them on 23 July 2018, "Casting Newt Scamander" was in sections "Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them film" and "News"; "In support of a Newt or color" was in sections "Blogitorials" and "The Quibbler." Can anyone verify whether these are the same sections the posts were originally published under? Then we can get rid of the "as of 23 July 2018" qualifier.

2. I wrote that the "Casting Newt Scamander" article has no author named. Both posts say "by Mugglenet"; "In support of a Newt of color" also has a bit at the top saying "Marissa Lee is one of the co-founders of [...]", suggesting that Marissa Lee is the author, and Mugglenet staff just posted it.

Did "Casting Newt Scamander" ever have a bit telling us who the author(s) was/were? Or was it always apparently an official Mugglenet staff view?

--Bikedancelaugheat (talk) 06:01, 27 July 2018 (UTC)

Ah, Tumblr, thou art a bane of easy archiving.

1. If I said something was posted no later than 15 Sept 2013, it means I found a reblog of the post (probably on Racebending) which said the reblog was posted 15 Sept 2013.

2. If I said something was posted between July 2014 & July 2015, it means I accessed the original post on 22-24 July 2018, and the blog said it was posted "3 years ago", which means the post has had its 3rd birthday but not its 4th--meaning it was posted 23-25 July 2014 (at the earliest) to 22-24 July 2015 (at the latest).

If I said something was posted no later than July 2014, it means either (a) same as above, only posted "4 years ago" rather than "3 years ago", or (b) I have a note to self from July 2014 with the idea "this is cool, reblog it."

Any information which narrows down the dates is appreciated! (The "at the earliest" dates can be moved forward by visiting the links at a later date and seeing "3 years ago" is still there.)

3. I have not started the project of archiving the apt-to-disappear (or move) Tumblr links. Or even looked to see whether an archived link already exists. If a Tumblr blog has changed its name, I added (July 2018 link) with the current (as of 22-24 July) URL.

--Bikedancelaugheat (talk) 06:01, 27 July 2018 (UTC)

There is a way that you can find out when Tumblr posts were published! It doesn't work if you only have access to a reblog, but if you have the original, and you want to pin down exactly when "3 years ago" actually was:
  1. Right-click the page (note: these are desktop/PC instructions as I've never tried this on a mobile device) and go to View page source
  2. Use Ctrl-F to search for the term "DatePublished"
  3. This should match with a piece of metadata on the page which will time-stamp exactly when that post was published (in the format YYYY-MM-DD)
  4. Cite your sources and rejoice!
It's still a bit of a ballache when you have to check the dates on a bunch of posts in one go, which is why I love Tumblr themes that display the publish date. But there's nothing like the satisfaction of being able to cite an exact post date :D
I'm more than happy to help out with the link archiving as well. We must protect our vulnerable Tumblr content! --enchantedsleeper (talk) 15:54, 01 August 2018 (UTC)
Oh, thank you, this good to know! And I would love help in archiving links. :) --Bikedancelaugheat (talk) 05:31, 13 August 2018 (UTC)

I have archived all the Tumblr links! To be added to the article later. --Bikedancelaugheat (talk) 01:00, 11 December 2018 (UTC)