Tainted Love (X-Files vid)

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Title: Tainted Love
Creator: Katharine Scarritt and Pam Rose
Date: 1997
Format: VHS, Media Cannibals #3
Music: "Tainted Love" by Soft Cell
Genre: Enemyslash
Fandom: X-Files
URL: streaming at the Internet Archive
Tainted Love.jpg

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Tainted Love is an X-Files fanvid by Katharine Scarritt. The vid premiered at the 1998 Escapade vid show and was released on the Media Cannibals Tape 3.

An over the top Mulder/Krycek vid. Katharine said she got the idea at least partially after seeing Randym posting the song lyrics to "Tainted Love" as a perfect M/K song on the MKRA webpage. Randym would later go on to make her own Mulder/Krycek vid to the song.


  • "Oddly enough, my favorite new one was "Tainted Love" about Mulder & Krycek that finally made me understand WHY people write Mulder/Ratboy slash."[1]