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Pairing: Yagami Taichi/Ishida Yamato
Alternative name(s): Taito, Yamachi
Gender category: Slash, yaoi
Fandom: Digimon
Canonical?: No
Prevalence: Common
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The slash or yaoi ship of Yagami Taichi and Ishida Yamato (Tai Kamiya and Matt Ishida in the American dub) is arguably the most popular couple in the Digimon fandom. Also known as Taito or Yamachi, this pairing inspired countless pieces of fanfiction and fanart, and shrines dedicated to the relationship were found on the popular free-hosting sites of the day. Unfortunately, when GeoCities closed, many Taito/Yamachi sites were lost.

Relationship in canon

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Relationship in fanon

The opposites attract trope was often exploited in fanworks. Other fans shipped Taichi/Yamato due to a dislike of the female characters in the show.

At least as far as 01 is concerned, Matt and Tai are just the most beautiful couple; I love how they have that combination of a strong friendship and a rivalry dynamic. To me, they go perfectly together; I can't see either one with anyone else. - ChaosRocket[1]
Very common yaoi pairing, as it takes into account the classic formula of taking the leader and the pack challenger that frequently fights with the leaderboy and mix them. But unlike other pairings of that formula I can actually see this happen. And they look so good together too, especially in 02. -Ajora[2]
I love Taito because they look so good together, I know they faught a lot in season 01, (but hey, most of the time they were rolling around together, ending with tai straddeling matt any way,) as the other's said, opposites attract! Another reason is the only girl on the show who I remotely like is Kari, with Tai that would be incest, with Matt... he's to old for her. Mimi is a ditz (sorry Mimi fans) and sorry to say this but Sora is a major b*tch! - Katie[3]

Differences between Taito and Yamachi

Slash stories involving Taichi and Yamato were typically based on the seme/uke dynamic. Taito fanworks generally had Taichi as the dominant member of the relationship; in these pieces of fanfiction or fanart, Taichi's confidence and courage were emphasized, while Yamato's domestic habits, such as cooking and cleaning his apartment, were used to portray him as feminine. Cross-dressing or genderswitch were occasionally used in these works.

Yamachi stories and fanart, while not as prolific, were still popular. As the dominant man in the pairing, Yamato could be portrayed as cool and sophisticated, even jaded, while Taichi was more naive.

LiveJournal communities

Taito/Yamachi Love

Notable works


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Taichi/Yamato doujinshi exploded from Japan. Even a decade after the show's premier, doujinshi is still traded on eBay and through private sellers. Popular doujinshi circles included PIKAPIKA and Atsuatsucook. A list of Taichi/Yamato doujinshi is currently being compiled.

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