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Name: Yagami Taichi 八神 太一 (Tai Kamiya in the American dub)
Relationships: Taichi/Yamato, Sora/Taichi, Koushiro/Taichi, Daisuke/Taichi
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Yagami Taichi, or Tai Kamiya in Saban Entertainment's dub, is one of the main characters in the first season of Digimon. He was the leader of the original Chosen Children, and while he did make mistakes, he was popular with the other characters as well as with fans. He came back along with the other Chosen Children in the second season, those as part of the supporting cast.

Relationships in canon

Taichi's relationship with Takenouchi Sora was emphasized in the American dub and turned romantic, though in the original Japanese version they were simply friends. He was very protective of his sister Hikari, which became an important plot-point. However, Taichi's bond with Ishida Yamato was probably the most notable.

Relationships in fanon

The slash pairing of Taichi/Yamato, which became known as Taito or Yamachi in the English-speaking fandom, was one of the most popular ships of the season. Taichi was also paired with Sora, which was called Taiora in the English-speaking fandom, and Koushiro, which was known as Taishiro. When the second season began, some fans began to ship Daisuke/Taichi.

Depictions in fanworks

Generally, since Taichi was well liked by fandom, he was portrayed positively in fanworks. While loud-mouthed and occasionally brash, Taichi was also seen as good-hearted and supportive of his friends.

All Jokes aside. Taichi is the unanimous leader of the Chosen Children. Why? Well, apparently, this boy really DOES have leadership quality and the other kids notice it. Yes, he's stubborn, but when one must lead an army, the army must listen, eh? This is why rebels [aka: Matt] cause him so much trouble. He's also a bit insensitive to others' feelings as a result. He often tried to bullies others into following him. True, he WAS a natural-born leader,( And a HOT one, at that ) but he was still new to the experience and worked mostly by trial-and-error. But as he gets older, he learns to make better decisions for the group; as well as be less commanding while giving orders. He learns to give orders in a way that makes the team WANT to follow them instead of feeling bullied into it. - Ucchan[1]
Despite all the needling I give him in my fics and rants, I do honestly like this guy. He's impulsive, looks like a porcupine died on his head, hot-headed, but his heart is in the right place and he does genuinely care about the members of his team. He's really highly entertaining, though his impulsiveness has leveled off a bit by season 2. Pity he felt he had to turn his goggles over to Daisuke. - Ajora[2]

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