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Name: Ishida Yamato 石田 ヤマト (Matt Ishida in the American dub)
Relationships: Taichi/Yamato, Sora/Yamato, Takeru/Yamato, Mimi/Yamato
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Ishida Yamato, or Matt Ishida in Saban Entertainment's dub, is one of the main characters in the first season of Digimon. Yamato was one of the most popular characters in the cast, with a variety of shrines dedicated to him.

Relationships in canon

In the first season, Yamato saw himself as his younger brother Takaishi Takeru's protector; a few episodes dealt with his fears of losing Takeru. His relationship with Yagami Taichi was initially hostile, with both boys vying for leadership, but later grew into a close friendship. In the second season, he began dating Takenouchi Sora.

Relationships in fanon

The slash pairing of Taichi/Yamato, which became known as Taito or Yamachi in the English-speaking fandom, was one of the most popular ships of the season. He was paired with Sora, Mimi, Jyou, and occasionally his brother Takeru.

Depictions in fanworks

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Notable fanworks

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