Summary of "THAT LOOK in the hallway"

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Title: Summary of "THAT LOOK in the hallway"
Creator: LoneThinker
Date(s): late 1990s
Medium: online
Fandom: X-Files
External Links: The Cave's X-Files Commentary Archives: MSR: 'That Look' summary, Archived version
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Summary of "THAT LOOK in the hallway" is an essay by LoneThinker.

It is one of many essays at The Cave's X-Files Commentary Archives.


My 'That Look in the Hallway' thread--which turned out to be the conception point for this forum, eXcavations--was started in the Old Fox Forum on 10-14-98, in the 5x20, as a reality check for those who were absolutely convinced that the near-kiss in FTF was just what Scully had been wishing, hoping and pining for during five long years. I believed there were more factors involved in what was going on there, based on the momentary look of panic Scully shows at the point when she realizes Mulder is about to kiss her. The thread received over 400 replies, and during the discussion much relevant information was brought up, processed and assimilated. Wish I'd saved all the pertinent commentary, because there was lots of great stuff, but sad to say I didn't, and then the Old Fox Boards crashed. I posted this summary when we were approaching the point of wearing the subject into the ground.