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Drawerfic is fan fiction that is never shown to other fans, or that is only shown to a few friends (and then it may be also called a "pass-around" or "underground story").

Drawerfic is rarely later posted online or published in a zine. The term refers to the idea of "keeping stories in your desk drawer."

Starsky & Hutch was an early, pre-Internet fandom, and one which inspired a lot of underground fic, especially slash.

In 1985, a Starsky & Hutch fan explained:
The Black Notebook, by the way, is the big black three-ring binder, or expandable manila folder, or large cardboard box, in which are kept the early drafts, critique galleys, or complimentary copies of a fan's own or someone else's unpublished stories. The Black Notebook is an artifact of the second period of the fan literature, late 1980 to 1982, the hush-hush period. Not til The Professionals emerged was there a fandom with as many unpublished or downright subterranean stories about [1] There were secret series, secret round-robins, even a secret letterzine [2] for a while in 1981. Most of this underground stuff was S/H, and the reason that it was so encrypted was the fear and occasional paranoia that Spelling-Goldberg would sue the writers. Hence "The Zine With No Name"; CODE 7 1. There are no editors, no artists, no writers credited in this 1981 publication. Other stories remained buried because their authors gafiated before they were finished. From time to time some incunabula surface, but sadly, most may molder away, in obscurity, forever. [3]


  1. I would add Man from U.N.C.L.E. and Star Trek.
  2. Perhaps a reference to The Purple Pages?
  3. from Paula Smith in The Paul Muni Special program book