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Title: SpellCast
Created by: darkcrest, faspellcast, hathorx, hp5freak, mudblood428, sevensickles
Date(s): 2006-2010?
Focus: fic readings, news, interviews, etc.
Fandom: Harry Potter
External Links: http://spellcast.libsyn.com/ (offline)

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SpellCast PodCast Cover

SpellCast was a series of podcasts recorded by fans showcasing Harry Potter fanfiction, news about the books, audio plays, live broadcasts, con reports and interviews with fans. The podcasts were affiliated with FictionAlley. 79 podcasts were recorded, most 55 minutes in length. The first SpellCast was recorded on May 23, 2006 and the last on August 19, 2010.

A livejournal, faspellcast, Archived version, was created on October 4, 2006.

As of November 30, 2011 SpellCast seems to have stopped broadcasting and their archives are offline.

Podcasts (in reverse chronological order)

SpellCast: Chance Encounters

Hogwarts is back in session and so is SpellCast with it's fifth season premiere, "SpellCast: Chance Encounters." Robert, Dianne and Aaron catch up on the past couple of months over butterbeer and fluffy fan fiction at the Three Broomsticks. Also, the beloved "one-shot format" makes it's return to the show, but more importantly, will the SpellCasters ever pay their bar tab? So grab a seat at the bar, order up a butterbeer and great ready for a great episode of SpellCast!

SpellCast Special: Season Five Announcement

Robert drops by the Three Broomsticks to let everyone know about a special announcement regarding SpellCast!

SpellCast: Promises Unbroken

It's been close to a year since we've been at the Three Broomsticks, but we're finally back and ready to go with the fouth season premiere, "SpellCast: Promises Unbroken." The new novel-length format makes it's debut and the recommendations get a much needed boost. Also, Dianne joins the ranks of the hosting team and somehow Kyrie gets splinched somewhere in wizarding England. So grab a seat at the bar, order up a frosty butterbeer and great ready for a great episode of SpellCast!

SpellCast Summer: The Zazz From Azkatraz

After months of silence, our coverage of Azkatraz finally wraps up in "SpellCast Summer: The Zazz of Azkatraz." The SpellCasters converge on the Three Broomsticks to talk about their convention experiences. Also, we read and respond to a handful of iTunes reviews and we explain the new direction we're heading in our upcoming fourth season. So grab a seat, pour yourself a frosty butterbeer and get ready for a great episode of SpellCast!

SpellCast Summer: Live From Azkatraz Convention

Our coverage from Azkatraz continues with audio dramas and comedies in "SpellCast Summer: Live From Azkatraz." Performed by conference attendees, the three winning plays of the SpellCast Azkatraz Podcast Play Sweepstakes Spectacularrr take center stage during the Podcast Palooza. So grab a seat, pour yourself a frosty butterbeer and get ready for a great episode of SpellCast!

SpellCast Summer: Half-Blood Prince Movie Review

The Azkatraz podcast coverage is finally here and we're kicking it off with "SpellCast: Half-Blood Prince Movie Review." The SpellCast staff sits down after the late night Half-Blood Prince showing at Azkatraz to talk about what they loved and hated about the movie. So grab a seat, pour yourself a frosty butterbeer and get ready for a great episode of SpellCast!

SpellCast Summer: Live From LeakyCon

Kick off the summer of Potter and head on over to the Three Broomsticks for "SpellCast: Live From LeakyCon." Aaron and Gwen were at LeakyCon 2009 back in May and they recorded a live reading of a classic SpellCast story, "Oh, Hi, Mr. Granger." Also, Aaron is surprised at the number of people who like Harry Potter at a Harry Potter conventions and apparently Gwen never listens to the show. So pull up a chair, order up a butterbeer and get ready for a great episode of Spel ...

SpellCast: A Fresh Start

As our third season comes to a close, come and celebrate with us at the Three Broomsticks with "SpellCast: A Fresh Start." The entire SpellCast crew sits down to talk about the next generation of Weasley-Malfoy wizards and their romantic endeavors. Also, the hosts reflect on their favorite moments from the past season and kick off the summer with some major announcements. So grab a seat at the bar, order up a frosty butterbeer and great ready for a great episode of SpellCast!

SpellCast: The Wolf Covers Its Tracks

Gather your camping gear and hike on over to the Three Broomsticks for "SpellCast: The Wolf Covers Its Tracks." Alex Carpenter of the Remus Lupins sits down with the SpellCasters to talk about hunting down Fenrir Greyback in the Canadian wilderness. Also, Dianne gives her best impression of Inigo Montoya and we learn what happens when Robert loses a Quidditch bet. So order up a Butterbeer, grab a seat and get ready for a great episode of SpellCast!

SpellCast: Rooftop Rumors

Take flight on your broom and swoop into the Three Broomsticks for "SpellCast: Rooftop Rumors." Terrance Pinkston, host of HPANA's Hogwarts Radio, stops by to talk Hedwig, Pigwidgeon and their feathered friends. Also, grumpy old Robert makes his infamous return and everything always seems to end up in a shipping war. So order up a butterbeer, grab a seat and get ready for a great episode of SpellCast!

SpellCast: Not While I'm Around

Tired of revising for your Herbology final? Set down your textbook and join us at the Three Broomsticks for "SpellCast: Not While I'm Around." Accomplished fan fiction writer and published author, Jim Bernheimer, joins in to talk Hufflepuff bromance. Also, Robert comes down with a case of spattergroit and Aaron has to take the reigns. So pull up a barstool, get yourself a glass of pumpkin juice and settle in for a great episode of SpellCast!

SpellCast: Discovering Distraction

Take a trip to Hogsmeade and head over to the Three Broomsticks for "SpellCast: Discovering Distraction." Our news anchor, Dianne Miller, and new staff members, Michele Chambers and Kyrie Evers, fill out the table as guest hosts. Also, Dianne learns the dirty truth about the SpellCast newsroom and Robert thinks Hermione needs to see a psychiatrist. So pull up a chair, order a butterbeer and get ready for a great episode of SpellCast!

SpellCast: Repercussions

Take a break from your potions homework and head on over to the Three Broomsticks for "SpellCast: Repercussions!" The biggest Snape fan girl of them all, Rachael of Snapecast, drops in for a drink and a chat about the potions master. Also, Robert rants about Muggle public transit and everyone wonders why James and Sirius have a thing for Snape's undergarments. So sit down in a comfy armchair, pour yourself a glass of elf-made wine and get ready for a great episode of SpellCast.

SpellCast: Elementary Mapmaking

undated SpellCast "Album Cover" (possibly 2010), Artist: Brandon Michael

Shake the snow off your boots, unwind your scarf and pull up a bar stool at Three Broomsticks for "SpellCast: Elementary Mapmaking." Ryan of PotterFicWeekly, the 'other' Harry Potter fan fiction podcast, swings by to help guest host the episode. Also, Ryan tries his hand at singing the story and there's more references to sci-fi television than you can shake a wand at. So grab a couple cups of coffee and settle in for a great episode of SpellCast!

SpellCast: A Good Start

As the seasons change, grab your sweater and coat and head over to the Three Broomsticks for "SpellCast: A Good Start". Former host of SpellCast, Zorb, stops by for a butterbeer and a chat about Harry and Hermione. Also, Aaron and Zorb do their best to restart the old shipping wars and Robert learns the value to taking cover underneath the table. So order up a slice of good fashioned pumpkin pie and get ready for great episode of SpellCast!

SpellCast News: Catching Up

Robert drops by the Three Broomsticks to give everyone an update with what's happening with the podcast in "SpellCast News: Catching Up". He explains why the show has been on hiatus and talks about some job openings on the staff. So grab a chair and get ready to be informed!

SpellCast: Halloween Hauntings

All Hallow's Eve is finally here and SpellCast is kicking things off with "SpellCast: Halloween Hauntings". To celebrate, we are reading the three winners of our Halloween Story Challenge. So put on a spooky costume, grab some of your favorite sweets and get ready for a chilling special episode of SpellCast!

SpellCast: Not My Daughter You Git

Hang up your coat and grab your usual chair at the Three Broomsticks for "SpellCast: Not My Daughter You Git!". Longtime friend and our favorite mudblood, Venessa Scrivano, stops by to help host the show. Also, Aaron turns out to be an old-fashioned sort of guy and Robert can't speak properly to save his life. So order up a Butterbeer, kick back and enjoy the show!

SpellCast: Changes

It's bright and early at the Three Broomsticks and a groggy Robert and Aaron are back with "SpellCast: Changes". Sidney Parker, an old host of SpellCast, drops in to say hello and joins the boys. Also, Aaron tells us how he really feels about Draco Malfoy and Robert learns a lesson in conflict mediation. So pour yourself a cup of coffee, butter up a piece of toast, and wake up to a new morning with SpellCast!

SpellCast: The House of Blue

Robert and Aaron are joined by a new host, Rae Taylor, at the Three Broomsticks for "SpellCast: The House of Blue". The SpellCast trio take on the Carrow's regime of torture and discuss the strengths of Ravenclaws. So walk up to the bar, order a Firewhiskey and get ready for a great episode of SpellCast!

SpellCast: Last Train Runnin'

Robert and Aaron are back again at the Three Broomsticks this week for "SpellCast: Last Train Runnin'". The boys decide to get snarky about Severus Snape, "canon retellings" and the wizarding afterlife. So pull up a chair, pour yourself a tall glass of pumpkin juice and get ready to enjoy another great episode of SpellCast!

SpellCast: Nothing Like the Moon

It's been several months in the making and now the third season of SpellCast is kicking off with "SpellCast: Nothing Like the Moon". Robert returns to the The Broomsticks with Aaron, a new host, and they discuss everything from wizarding drinks to witches dancing skyclad. We also premiere two new segments and take our fan fiction readings to a whole new level. So grab a seat on a near by bar stool, pop open a frosty bottle of Butterbeer and get ready to dig into a great show!

SpellCast Theater: Live From Terminus

We've had a lot of fun the past couple of weeks, but now it's time to bring our live podcast play series to a close. This week we're featuring our live play from Terminus:"Five Things that Never Happened The Week Harry Got Married", written by FaydraAlso, be sure to stick around after the play concludes as we finally make the long awaited announcement that you're not going to want to miss.As always, if you have questions, comments or issues, please feel free to send us an e-mail a ...

SpellCast Theater: Live From Portus

We're back again this week with the second part of our three part live podcast play series! This week we're featuring our live play from Portus:"Yes, Minister (Wizarding Version: WWN Light Programme), Episode 5: The Principle of the Thing" written by GMW WemyssIf you have questions, comments or issues, please feel free to send us an e-mail at spellcast@fictionalley.org.Thanks for downloading and enjoy the play!

SpellCast Theater: Live From Sectus

After a long hiatus from podcasting, SpellCast returns to release a series of live podcast plays. Starting the series off are last year's plays from Sectus:"The Estate of Sirius Black v. The Ministry of Magic", written by George Pushdragon"Who's Your Daddy?", written by George PushdragonThese plays are rated "R" so listener discretion is advised.If you have questions, comments or issues, please feel free to send us an e-mail at spellcast@fictionalley.org.Thanks ...

SpellCast: Mayhem at Midnight

As this year comes to a close, the SpellCasters throw one last party at the Three Broomsticks in "SpellCast: Mayhem at Midnight". In this episode you can expect to hear: Highlights: - Jen and Ryan of PotterFicWeekly and Annie and Minnie of QuaffleTalk drop by to help ring in the new year. - Does the Three Broomsticks use propane? Let's hope not for our sakes. - The podcasters reflect on the past year of producing podcasts, keeping up with fandom and causing listeners to ge ...

SpellCast: Oh, Hi, Mr. Granger

With the holiday season in full swing, the SpellCasters take a break from shopping to bring us "SpellCast: Oh, Hi, Mr. Granger". In this episode you can expect to hear: Featured story: Title: Oh, Hi, Mr. Granger Author: Grand_Admiral_Shirra House: Astronomy Tower Summary: Ron's disastrous attempt at proposing leads him to relive the memorable night when he and Hermione had their first date.Highlights:- Jen, SpellCast Theater producer, fills in as a guest host.- Josh sneaks ...

SpellCast News: Live Play at Terminus

Even though it's months away, SpellCast is proud to announce that we'll be performing a live podcast play at Terminus 2008! We couldn't contain our excitement, so we decided to share our enthusiasm in a special mini episode. In this special episode you can expect to hear:Highlights:- Jen, the producer of SpellCast Theater, drops by to talk about the announcement.- Jen and Robert talk about various events that will take place at Terminus and why they're excited about them. As always, i ...

SpellCast: Curiosity

Pull up a chair, order a drink and get ready for "SpellCast: Curiosity". In this episode you can expect to hear: Featured story: Title: Curiosity Author: BeST House: Riddikulus Summary: Minerva, with Dumbledore's help, discovers a special magical prowess. Highlights: - Seven, a SpellCast audio editor, fills in as a guest host for the episode. - Robert has a terrible time at keeping a really big secret and Zorb has to help him keep his mouth shut. - How do you get to be an Ani ...

SpellCast: I'll Take The Lot

Overstuffed on turkey and gravy, the SpellCasters take a break from playing American football to bring us "SpellCast: I'll Take The Lot". So take a break from shopping the sales in Hogsmeade and relax by listening to another great fan fiction reading and review! In this episode you can expect to hear:Featured story:Title: I'll Take The LotAuthor: Lorelei LynnHouse: The Dark Arts Summary: Hogwarts had four founders, but Helga was the one with the dream. And more importantly, she ha ...

SpellCast: Affected Indifference

After some technical difficulties, the SpellCasters are back at the Three Brooksticks for "SpellCast: Affected Indifference". So sit back, pop open a Butterbeer and get ready to dig into a great show. In this episode you can expect to hear:Featured story:Title: Affected IndifferenceAuthor: ElysiumHouse: Astronomy Tower Summary: Pansy Parkinson never did listen to her mother's advice on men. She thought she knew best, she thought she knew him best. She was right, and that was entir ...

SpellCast: My Friend, My Sister

The SpellCasters return from their hiatus and start things off with an explosive bang in "SpellCast: My Friend, My Sister". With fan fiction readings and reviews taking center stage at the Three Broomsticks, along with new music and sound effects, this a podcasting experience you can't miss. In this episode you can expect to hear:Featured story:Title: My Friend, My SisterAuthor: Michelle_31a House: The Dark ArtsSummary: During their stay at Bill and Fleur's cottage, Hermione turns ...

SpellCast: The Lost Episode

With ghouls and ghosts about, it's time for a special Halloween edition of SpellCast. Everything isn't what it may seem as we're featuring a lost episode of SpellCast that was once thought dead! So, in this spooky episode you can expect:- Detailed show notes will be released shortly, thank you for your patience.If you have questions or comments, feel free to leave us an e-mail at spellcast@ficitonalley.org or leave a comment on our website, www.spell-cast.com.Enjoy!

SpellCast Readings: Return to Hogwarts

We're back again this week with another special edition of SpellCast Readings. As always, we're featuring another great fan fiction reading along with some clarifications on some of last week's announcements regarding our second season.Here's the story that's read in this episode:"Return to Hogwarts", written by Zgirnius and read by Gwendolyn Grace.If you have any comments or questions, feel free to leave us an e-mail at spellcast@fictionalley.org. Enjoy the show!

SpellCast Readings: Ginny's War

After four months without a single episode, fan fiction readings make their return for a special edition of SpellCast Readings. We also include some updated information on the start of our second season and we announce a special treat for fans of fan fiction readings.Here's the story that we're covering in this episode:"Ginny's War", written by Souris, read by Gwendolyn Grace.If you have any comments or questions, feel free to leave us an e-mail at spellcast@fictionalley.org. Enjo ...

SpellCast Special: Deathly Hallows Release

Like the rest of the Harry Potter fandom, the SpellCast crew had a lot to say about the final book in the series. In this SpellCast Special Episode, you'll hear thoughts from our cast and crew as well as listeners. In particular, look for:- Release party coverage from Boston's Harvard Square- A plot discussion with Robert, Sidney, and Venessa- A roundtable covering the highs and lows with Zorb, Josh, Gwendolyn Grace, and SevenSickles- Contributed reviews from listeners Bevan, Michelle & ...

SpellCast Special: Order of the Phoenix Movie

After some technical issues and most of our staff members running for the hills to get away from Deathly Hallows' spoilers or hibernating over the weekend to read the book, we finally release our special OotP episode! However, this new episode is totally worth the wait and here's why: - Greg Foster, president of IMAX, sits down with Gwen to talk about about the 3D conversion process of the last twenty minutes of the Order of the Phoenix movie. - Josh finally gets his oppo ...

SpellCast: Episode 23

A new film and new canon are within sight, and so Season One of SpellCast comes to a close. In this finale:- Josh talks to Lauren from the Moaning Myrtles.- Sidney leads a roundtable about the upcoming summer HP conferences, Sectus and Prophecy 2007.- The hosts discuss "A Different World" by AdamantEve.- Venessa leads the Artist's Corner in a chat about making icons.If you haven't yet, check out Sidney's interviews from the London premiere of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoe ...

SpellCast Readings: A Different World

Feed your softer side with this week's featured fic from the Astronomy Tower! "A Different World" by Adamant Eve asks us what would have happened if the Trio were a Duo? "In a world where Hermione told Neville they should 'split up' finding his toad, the chain of events of her supposed meeting with Harry and Ron in their train compartment took a drastic turn. How different was Harry's life without Hermione Granger by his side? Maybe not quite as different as one would think.& ...

SpellCast: Episode 22

Less than a month stands between us and the release of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. So, lets pass the time with another episode of SpellCast! Here's what to expect in this episode:- SpellCast had it's one year anniversary back in May and the hosts celebrate by sharing some of their favorite memories.- Robert interviews Ryan of PotterFicWeekly the fan fiction based podcast in the Fandom Interview.- Sidney, Venessa and Zorb discuss the upcoming theme park, the Wizarding World of ...

SpellCast Readings: Standing Up To Be Counted

With the live podcast in the can, it's time to get back into the groove of things with an episode of SpellCast Readings. This week we're featuring:"Standing Up To Be Counted", written by triple_trouble and read by Gwendolyn Grace.As always, feel free to contact us at spellcast@fictionalley.org with your questions, comments and problems. Enjoy the show!

Spinner's Alley Live: Phoenix Rising

After a long wait, we here at SpellCast are proud to announce that "Spinner's Alley Live" is now available for download! So, without any further ado, here's what you can expect to hear in our first ever live show: - A dramatic look at three points in the life of a Potions master in the podcast play The Three Trials of Severus Snape, written by Copperbadge. The cast of The Three Trials of Severus Snape in order of appearance: Minerva McGonagall - CharlotteYoung Severus Snape - Dani ...

SpellCast: Episode 21

Need something to listen to on your way to Phoenix Rising? Try SpellCast: Episode 21! In this episode: - Robert interviews wizrocker Danny from Hogwarts, A History. - Sidney, Venessa, and Josh discuss the latest trailer for Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. - Reporter Shannon gives you a taste of Venessa's recent HP art exhibit at Borders, including on-site audience and participant interviews. - In the Fan Fiction Review, Robert, Venessa, and Zorb discuss Kerichi's "Mary Sue, ...

SpellCast News: Spinner's Alley Live Podcast

Prepare for it to get hot in here as Robert, Kim, Josh and Lizz sit down for a mini-podcast all about Spinner's Alley Live! In this mini-show you'll find out: - We let you know how to get your hands on a elusive Spinner's Alley wristband for the show. - We spill some information regarding which famous wizard rockers we have lined up for the show. - We also give out more information on how to audition for the live podcast play, including how to audition while at ...

SpellCast Readings: Mary Sue, I Love You

Much hilarity ensues this week, as we have a great fan fiction reading from the Riddikulus house of FictionAlley! This week we have:"Mary Sue, I Love You!", written by Kerichi and read by Elanor Isolda.For those of you who are attending Phoenix Rising, be sure to try out for a part in our live podcast play. As always, feel free to contact us at spellcast@fictionalley.org with your questions, comments and problems. Enjoy the show!

SpellCast: Episode 20

April showers bring doesn't bring May flowers, it brings SpellCast: Episode 20! In this lengthy episode you can expect: -Robert sits down with Wizrocklopedia's Lizz and gets the down low on the wizard rock news site. - Venessa, Sidney, & Josh give their thoughts and opinions on the new cover arts for Deathly Hallows. - In the Fan Fiction Review, Sidney and Robert discuss Harry Potter & The Psychic Serpent with it's author, Barb Purdom. As always, feel ...

SpellCast Readings: Psychic Serpent

The fan fiction readings are back in action with SpellCast Readings: Psychic Serpent!The follow fics are feature in the episode:Dung Schnoogles Nic: Death Ensues or, Manipulative!Dumbledore Strikes Again, written by SwissMiss and read by Jason Fraser.Professor Slughorn and An Excess of Seamus, written by BeST and read by Sidney Parker.and...Harry Potter & the Psychic Serpent, written by Barb and read by Gwendolyn Grace.Also, don't be an April fool! Vote for SpellCast on PodcastAlley! As ...

SpellCast: Episode 19

Happy April, SpellCast listeners! Spring has sprung, and SpellCast's own rebirth debuts with an all-new episode. You won't want to miss the excitement! In this episode:* The hosts bring a new spin to SpellCast, and things take a turn for the dark side. * News from all over the fandom comes directly to your earbuds.* The Writer's Corner examines Draco Malfoy's characterization. * Our new Fan Fiction Review hosts look at two fics: A Match Made in Heaven and Harry Potter Is Dead Because ...

SpellCast: Episode 18

With the waning of the season, the SpellCast crew emerge from their secret hideout to bring you Episode Eighteen. In this episode:- Robert hosts the Podcast Spotlight, featuring SpinnersCast.- We bring you coverage of Daniel Radcliffe and Richard Griffiths's performances in Equus through interviews and reviews.- The Fan Fiction Review takes on PS.., by thistlerose.Enjoy the show, and don't forget - it's a new month and time to vote for SpellCast on PodcastAlley! As always, we appreciate you ...

SpellCast Readings: PS...

Welcome to another episode of SpellCast readings! This week's fic, read by both Jason Fraser and Gwendolyn Grace, is PS... written by thistlerose. The fic is rated PG and located in the Dark Arts house. The summary goes: The summer after his fifth year at Hogwarts, Harry receives a letter that his godfather wrote for him, but never sent, two months before he was born. This week, we also feature the two winners of the January 2007 challenge on FictionAlley. These are Ernie Prang and the How ...

SpellCast: Episode 17

SpellCast is back this week with a steamy new episode for St Valentine's Day. Be sure to listen to this week's show and feel the lurve! In this episode: - Anise tells us about the true role of love in Harry Potter in an all-new essay segment. (05:56) - Sidney talks with Elanor Isolda about Sectus 2007, the Harry Potter fandom conference happening in London this summer. If you are attending or plan to attend Sectus this summer, remember to fill out their poll about the book 7 release during ...

SpellCast Readings: Asinus ad Lyram

With Valentine's Day on the horizon, what better gift to give your loved one than the third episode of SpellCast Readings! Bringing the love to you this week is Steve Anderson, with Asinus ad Lyram by Ylime. The fic is rated PG and is found within the Astronomy Tower. The summary goes: "Moony, Wormtail, and Padfoot feel that Prongs will never win a certain red haired girl with the tame Valentine he is writing. So, full to the brim and beyond with good intentions, they design a little V ...

SpellCast news - book release date & George Beahm!

With the release date of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows announced, SpellCast has recorded a special news episode in which the hosts give their thoughts on the sudden release of the last book in the series and interview George Beahm, author of the highly acclaimed book on J.K. Rowling and Harry Potter, "Muggles and Magic: An Unofficial Guide to J. K. Rowling and the Harry Potter Phenomenon", on his thoughts and theories for book 7. We hope you enjoy it and feel free to let us ...

SpellCast: Episode 16

Complement your eye candy from Equus with the new episode from SpellCast! In this week's show: - Robert talks with Christine from the wizard rock band, The Hermione Crookshanks Experience (12:37) -Sidney discusses the LJ community snarry_games with its creator and mod, D.J. (25:14) -For the Writer's Corner, Zorb explores the writing of Original Characters with D.M.P. and LupinsLittleSister (38:13) - In Fan Fiction Review, the hosts take a look at "Penance and Absolution" writ ...

SpellCast Readings: Penance and Absolution

Welcome to the second episode of SpellCast Readings! This week's featured fic, read by Jason Fraser, is Penance and Absolution by Cruisedirector. The fic is rated PG-13 and is housed on The Dark Arts, with the following summary: "Lupin would have recognized Snape anywhere, but it was still a shock to see him in the Muggle hospital tent."We'll be reviewing the fic in Episode Sixteen, and you can participate by leaving either an email or voicemail review. You can send text reviews t ...

SpellCast Fifteen: Wheeze In, Rasp Out!

SpellCast kicks off 2007 with its fifteenth episode and new features! - The hosts discuss the book title release and its potential meanings. (4:23)- Josh sits down with filkmaster Caius Marcius to talk about - and demonstrate - the art of HP filking. (11:00)- Zorb chats with Stephanie, one of the webmasters of RupertGrint.net, about the number one source for Rupert news on the web. (30:10)- The review of Zannie's "The Difference a Day Makes" includes both the hosts' opinions and c ...

SpellCast Readings: The Difference A Day Makes

SpellCast: Creativity is reborn as SpellCast Readings! For its debut, Gwendolyn Grace reads The Difference a Day Makes by Zannie. In this PG-rated Astronomy Tower fic, "Harry, Ron, Hermione, and Ginny try to come to terms with the events at the Ministry of Magic. One-Shot. Missing moment told from Hermione and Ginny's perspective." SpellCast invites you to send us your fic reviews, to appear in the next regular episode of SpellCast when the hosts also review the fic. You can email ...

SpellCast News: Listener Survey & SpellCast Readings

SpellCast needs your feedback! We want to get a better idea of who our listeners are and what they think about the show, so we've created a brief survey for you to fill out. Feel free to ask questions about the survey in replies to this post, but please send all completed surveys to spellcast@fictionalley.org - it's okay to skip items if you need to, but we'd appreciate as much detail as you can provide. Your comments will help us create more of the show you want to hear, so please take a ...

SpellCast: Episode 14

Don't have any plans tonight? Then ring in the new year with SpellCast: Epsiode 14! In this episode you'll find Robert, Venessa and Becka talking about conferences, wizarding rock, podcasting and other things that happened this past year.For more information or comments and feedback regarding SpellCast, check out our forum on FictionAlley Park, but also our Livejournal and Myspace pages. We hope you enjoy the show, and don't forget to vote for us on PodcastAlley at midnight!

SpellCast: Episode 13

It's that time of year again, so SpellCast is bringing you a special holiday episode to supplement your celebrations - or help you escape from their stresses. With our second podcast play's debut and holiday filks rounding out the episode, we hope you'll find it as unforgettable as we do.- We ease into the holiday spirit with an Artist's Corner as Venessa asks Margie (cauldroncakebkr) for tips on holiday baking.- "Letters and Maps" makes its fandom debut as our second podcast play ...

SpellCast: Episode 12

It's the twelfth month of the year and the twelfth episode of SpellCast! Coincidence? We'll never tell. In this episode: - We conclude our Futures of Entertainment conference report with Gwendolyn Grace's interview with Diane Nelson from Warner Brothers. - In the Podcast Spotlight, Sidney chats with Marisa and Anna from The Remembrall Live, a British Harry Potter podcast. - Zorb talks with a few beta readers, Emily and Linda, about the beta's role in the fan fiction creative pro ...

SpellCast Creativity: Episode 4

Hold onto your pants! In episode 4 of SpellCast Creativity we intend to rock your socks off! This week, we have three fan fiction readings:- Five have a Magical Time, written by Lazy_Neutrino and read by Elanor Isolda- Shelter, written by Magnolia Mama and read by Gwendolyn Grace- Amsterdam, written by DrT and read by Jason FraserAlso, we feature a brand new segment, Wizrock News, provided by Wizrocklopedia, as well as a wizarding rock song "And then I Died", performed by the Moa ...

SpellCast: Episode 11

SpellCast is bringing you twice the fun this week! Episode 11 is already released, and who better to double your listening pleasure than our favourite twins, James and Oliver Phelps! In this episode: - Gwendolyn talks with several intervenents from the Futures of Entertainment conference. - Spellcast reporter, Elanor got the chance to interview the Phelps twins at the Collectormania G-Mex event in Manchester, England and a few Harry Potter fans attending the event. (transcript) ...

SpellCast: Episode 10

After a short delay due to some technical issues, episode 10 is now online and available for your listening pleasure! This week the female staff take over SpellCast, and bring some fantastic content to your earphones. In this episode: - Venessa got the chance to interview Neil Ciciriega, the creator of PotterPuppetPals. - Gwen discussed the Harry Potter books and comparative culture with Dr. Henry Jenkins, the Peter de Florez Professor of Humanities at the Massachusetts In ...

Registration: A PodcastPlay by Copperbadge

What's Registration, FictionAlley's first podcast play? When they get roped into waiting to register James' unborn son for Hogwarts, Sirius and Remus have a long day's wait, and a small dilemma -- nobody's picked a name yet. Faturing the Patils, Finnigans, Longbottoms, Malfoys, and one Weasley as supporting cast...Download the podcast play, written and adapted by Copperbadge aka samvimes, and read the original story here.

SpellCast Creativity: Episode 3

In order to make this week without SpellCast a bit more bearable, we offer you the third episode of SpellCast Creativity. In this show you can expect:"The Government Stole My Toothbrush", written by Pennswoods and read by Gwendolyn Grace."Like Father, Like Son", written by Mira Miracle read by Jason Fraser.If you have a fic you'd like read on SpellCast Creativity, send us a link to spellcast@fictionalley.org. Please keep in mind that SpellCast can only include fics that ...

SpellCast: Episode 9

All Hallows Eve is upon us, and with it, a special episode of SpellCast! Have no fear as we bring you tricks and treats from around the fandom in our first holiday-themed episode. Enter (if you dare) and find:- Discussion of Halloween in Harry Potter and around the world.- Harry Potter costuming tips and advice from Mandy Mitchell.- How to make tasty treats for your holiday feast in an interview with cauldroncakebkr.- Reviews of three Halloween fics on FictionAlley: Pumpkins, by White ...

SpellCast: Episode 8

With the end of October fast approaching, SpellCast episodes are coming to you with the speed of a Snitch! SpellCast: Episode 8 is now online and available for download. In this episode:- Announcements: SpellCast wants YOU!- The hosts respond to comments and questions from SpellCast listeners in an all-new Mailbag segment.- Writer's Corner takes on Dark!Harry fics with Becka and Cedar.- Snape, Dumbledore, and their complicated relationship come into consideration through the fan fiction rev ...

SpellCast: Episode 7

What do you get when you cross two Americans, an Australian, and une Française? Why, SpellCast: Episode 7, of course!This episode includes:- The hosts of SpellCast give their thoughts on the recently released photos from Order of the Phoenix movie.- We continue with the second half of the podcast play, Samvimes' Registration - if you want to download Registration on its own, you can get it here!- Josh chatted with Belinda Hobbs about her hobby of keeping up-to-date with JKR's website for t ...

SpellCast Creativity: Episode 2

For your listening pleasure, we have more fan fiction readings! Here's what's in store for SpellCast Creativity: Episode 2:"Of Shadows and Swans", written by Lady Ravenclaw, and read by Gwendolyn Grace."Just Desserts", written by PadawanMage, and read by Sidney Parker.We hope you enjoy!

SpellCast: Episode 6

With back-to-back episodes, SpellCast: Episode 6 is now available for download!This episode includes:- In the Podcast Spotlight, we take an in-depth look at Snapecast.- Our first podcast play, Samvimes' Registration, makes it's debut! - The Writer's Corner focuses in on everyone's favorite werewolf, Remus Lupin!- For the Fan Fiction Review, we take a look at Eliane Fraser's Not Yet Discouraged.Please be sure to check out our forum on FictionAlley Park for more information and discussion reg ...

SpellCast Creativity: Episode 1

It's been a long time coming, but we're finally releasing the first episode of SpellCast Creativity. These episodes of SpellCast feature fan fiction readings and other creative endeavors of the fandom. We hope you enjoy!The following fic readings are included in this episode:- "By Any Other Name", written by Woolly Bladder, read by Sidney Parker- "Harry &... Mrs. Figg?!", written by BJH, read by Jason FraserOnce you've finished listening to the episode, please let us ...

SpellCast: Episode 5

After a rather long sabbatical, we're proud to announce that SpellCast: Episode 5 is now available for download.This episode includes:- A roundup of fandom news with Heidi, including a report on a Harry & the Potters concert with Barb Purdom.- Robert sat down with Amy Tenbrink, one of the Lead Event Organizers of the upcoming Harry Potter convention, Phoenix Rising.- Sidney had the oppertunity to talk with Dave O'Brien about his daughter, Katie O'Brien, the fan fiction they worked on to ...

SpellCast: Episode 4

Just in time for Lumos, it's the fourth episode of SpellCast!This week's show includes:- The Fan Created segement makes it's return with an interview on Harry Potter knitting.- For the Writer's Corner, we talk about romantic relationships between Harry Potter and Hermione Granger in fan fiction.- In the Fan Fiction Review, we take an in-depth look at Sabelle's A Fine Line. Joining the discussion is SpellCast staffer, Andrew Perry. Once again, this episode's music has been brought to us by L ...

SpellCast News: Phoenix Rising Live Podcast

We're going to the Phoenix Rising conference in New Orleans next year! Listen for more details, and tune in to Spellcast #4 next week for an interview with a Phoenix Rising organizer!

SpellCast: Episode 3

The third episode of FictionAlley's SpellCast is now is now available for download!This week's show includes:- Heidi sits down with Jenna of Danradcliffe.com and talks about their upcoming plans for Dan's 17th birthday. Be sure to go here for more information!- Heidi also had the chance to talk with Jeff of HPANA about Beyond Boundaries' upcoming trip on the Hogwarts Express.- In the Writer's Corner, Sidney and a couple of authors take a deeper look into Luna Lovegood.- For the Fan Fict ...

SpellCast: Episode 2

The second episode of SpellCast is now available for downloading!This episode features a brand new segment - the Writer's Corner - and a fan fiction review of Ashre's From the Ashes, plus Harry Potter fandom news!For more information and discussion regarding SpellCast, be sure to check out the SpellCast forum on FictionAlley Park!

SpellCast: Episode 1

It gives us great pleasure to announce the launch of the first episode of FictionAlley's SpellCast! We hope that you enjoy it! This episode features a discussion of Leni Jess's A Speaking Likeness and report on Professor Flitwick - Warwick Davis - live from Disney's Star Wars Days at MGM. To learn more about how you can participate in our next episode's fic discussion or topical round-table, click here.