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Name(s): song fandom
Scope/Focus: music fandom that uses songs or the work of a musician as canon to base fanworks on
Date(s): ...? - present
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See also songfic
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Song fandom is a somewhat meta-ish fandom in which fans create non-vid-based fanworks (usually fanfiction) for particular songs, or occasionally albums or a musician's oeuvre.[1]

During the annual Yuletide fic exchange it is common to see requests for fics about various songs' canons.

The LiveJournal and Dreamwidth community "5MinuteFandoms" and the associated AO3 collection is not limited to song fandom fanworks[2], but it includes multiple examples (including from Yuletide).[3][4][5]

The official music videos for songs also sometimes become fandoms in their own right, as the visuals and story-lines are usually distinct from and often unrelated to the song itself.

Song Fandom vs. Songfic

Song fandom fic differs from songfic.

In songfic, a fanwriter typically uses lyrics from a song as emotional shorthand to set the scene in parts of a fic set in the world of another medium's canon (such as a tv series, film, or book).

By contrast, although song fandom fics may also quote lyrics from a song and may even be crossovers with other fandoms, they tend to use the song lyrics as a departure point and as building materials for a setting or characters based on that song, instead of using the lyrics as a shorthand way to illustrate scenes or emotions for characters in another canon's world.

Example Song Fandoms

  • "Best Song Ever" music video subfandom of One Direction. A few fics were also written about the song itself
  • Danger Days/Killjoys verse, based on MCR's album plus music videos plus related material

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Example Song Fandom Fics


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