Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue

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Title: Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue
Creator: The Chicago Loop
Date: ?, 2005
Format: originally released as a VHS songtape, then later on DVD in 2005 under this new title
Fandom: Multiple, see list below
cover and playlist of the 2005 edition, click to read

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spine of the VHS videocassette version of the compilation

Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue is a compilation of vids edited by The Chicago Loop in years prior to 2005. The compilation contains 24 vids.

A partial list of the vids follows. In the early 2000s, fans participated in a feedback experiment involving some of the Chicago Loop's vids: in exchange for a free copy of the vids, fans sent in feedback forms. The feedback for each vid can be found archived by clicking on the title of the vid.

For a complete listing of the vids included in the compilation click on the image above.


From a 1998 Mediawest convention report:
"The Chicago Loop songvids were just wonderful. I had seen them earlier and was one of the people rooting to have them shown at the party, 'cause I knew the tape wouldn't be available for a while yet and I *loved* them. Only two were shown at the party, and they're the ones that stick in my mind, of course; I remember the others less well and won't try to describe them here (except to say that the Nothing Sacred vid was lovely, sweet and touching and with a certain sharpness as well). One of the two was a Buffy vid by Jessica (bingo) that did truly startling things with blackscreen and pacing; she said that the first few clips, which total maybe ten seconds, took her forty-five minutes to lay down, and I believe it. But if they weren't so sharply on the beat, so clean and crisp, they would lose their effect; as it is, they're marvelous. She highlights three different styles and speeds of music with three different kinds of visuals in those ten seconds, gutpunching the viewer with the emotional impact of the Buffy/Angel relationship. Watching the vid and thinking about the work she did on it made me think of writing and editing (especially self-editing, aka revising and rewriting); if something's worth doing, I believe, it's worth doing well. Bingo could have finished the vid with a heckuva lot less work, and it would have been passable -- but it would have made me ache for what it *could* have been. Indeed, there is one cut that still makes me want to reach for the vidding equivalent of a red pencil (an erase head?), and I think she's considering redoing it. The vid is to a song called "The Story Ends" and it's a harsh look at Buffy's shock, despair, and rage over Angel. It includes clips from Becoming 1 but not Becoming 2 (which I was glad of; I was having "Buffy stood over Angel's body, sword smoking in her hand" mental images as I saw it for the first time, and was glad that bingo didn't use that clip. The one she did use is -- er -- painfully effective. Heh). The other one was by bingo's friend Melissa (I hope I've remembered her name correctly); it's an XF vid to "True Believer (X-Files vid)." Now, understand that I am an ardent fan of the Avon/Vila vid to that song, by Nicole of the Media Cannibals. I spent the first minute or so of the XF vid thinking to myself, "It's a really good vid, so it's a shame that it will always be overshadowed in my mind by the A/V vid, which is the definitive use of this song." After the first minute I wasn't thinking that any more. After about another thirty seconds I was saying to bingo, "You have to introduce me to Melissa, because I'm gonna kiss her. Then I'm gonna *kill* her." The vid is about Scully's thoughts about Mulder: admiration, yes, but also resentment at his singlemindedness and the disasters he drags her into -- into which she finds herself going willingly, for him. The clip Melissa uses against the first "I will get whatever I deserve" line is *brutal*. And brilliant. It's a stunning vid. I still love Nicole's A/V one, but the song now has *two* definitive uses for me. (I apologize to bingo and Melissa if I've misremembered anything about their vids, by the way; my memory isn't always the greatest for con events! If this were a real review, I'd have rewatched them several times list describing them, but I don't own them -- yet! -- so I can't -- yet...)"[1]


  1. posted anonymously to the Virgule-L mailing lost, quoted with permission.