Seasonal Spuffy

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Journal Community
Name: Seasonal Spuffy
Date(s): 2005-present
Founder: itmustbetuesday
Type: recurring fest
Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
URL: current community @ Dreamwidth original community @ Livejournal

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Seasonal Spuffy is a recurring Buffy/Spike fest. The Seasonal Spuffy LJ profile credits Summer of Giles as their forerunner and both of these seasonal fanwork communities were preceded by the short-lived Summer of Spike.

The idea for a seasonal Spuffy fest may have originated in the summer of 2005, when another seasonal fest, Fall for Spike, came to the attention of fans for refusing to accept any B/S fanworks. [1]

The Seasonal Spuffy community also maintains an archive site


  • Members are assigned a posting date within the window they select.
  • All content must be original to the community. Any form of content, fanfic, fanart, icons, vids, etc. is allowed.
  • As of 2018, members are asked to wait at least a day before crossposting fanworks on Ao3 or Elysian Fields. "If you want to be extra good to us, consider waiting until the end of the round. This will give readers more reason to come to us and help keep the community active. Thank you! Posting on your own journal or website is fine any time, of course."


  1. ^ in which I succumb to baser urges Sept 2005 DW post by rahirah and replies by slackerace and rahirah, mentioning itmustbetuesday as a possible comm moderator of a Spuffy fest in response to Fall for Spike. Accessed 11 Sept 2019.