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Synonyms: crosspost, xpost, x-post
See also: spam
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Crossposting is the practice of publishing the same content in several different forums in order to gain a wider audience. For example, emailing a fanfic to two or three different mailing lists, posting an episode review to more than one newsgroup, or putting a journal entry in your personal LJ as well as in an LJ community. These days, you could conceivably send the same post to a mailing list, a newsgroup, and a blog, but when the term first came into use, it mainly referred to usenet.

A duplicated post is said to have been "crossposted" or "x-posted." Some people frown on this behavior because encountering the same material everywhere you turn is irritating, and in more extreme cases, it might be considered spamming.

Crossposting is also used to refer to publishing fanfic or other writing to two or more different platforms at (almost) the same time, such as setting up Dreamwidth entries to automatically crosspost to a LiveJournal or InsaneJournal the writer controls, or publishing a fic to both a journal and the writer's AO3,, or other archive account.