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Name: Elysian Fields
Date(s): 2006 -
Founder: Sisters in Solace: Angelic_Amy, Megan, Spike_spetslayer, Holly aka Ameeya, Spikeslovebite, Schehrezade, pfeifferpack.
Type: fanfiction
Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel
URL: Elysian Fields(archived link)]
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Elysian Fields: The Dark Solace Spuffy Archive is a fanfiction archive created by Sisters in Solace, a Spuffy writing community.

As of 2019, the archive hosts over 5000 works written by 801 writers.[1]


The time has finally come to announce the coming of a new opportunity for authors in the Spuffy fandom. The Sisters in Solace welcome you to Elysian Fields: The Dark Solace Spuffy Archive. We have scoured the field and collected as many authors who gave us permission so that you have the benefit of a kick-ass line up of fiction to read—either for the first time, or to renew your love of some old favorites. And we want more. Choose your poison, canon, AU, or all human. We have all ratings, including AO (but you must be logged in as a member to access those). Join up so you can post! And more importantly, be involved with reviewing! The one who leaves the most reviews each much will be allowed the chance of selecting the featured fic of the following month. We value everyone in this community, whether you’re quiet, vocal, like claiming fics or hate them. Whatever Spuffy means to you, we want it to mean it for all of us.[2]


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