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You may be looking for Satire Trek Comix Cartoons, a zine of comics and cartoons.

Title: Satire Trek Comicordance
Publisher: Ma to Em Mouse Publications (Mathom House)
Editor(s): Henry Roll
Date(s): January 1975
Medium: print
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS
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front cover
back cover
title page

Satire Trek Comicordance was "piled and wrotten" by Henry Roll and contains 22 pages. On the cover: "A Portal Parody," which is a reference to Roll's zine Portal. The subtitle on the title page is: "Of Peeples, Platzes & Thingies." Satire Trek Comicordance is a parody of the fanzine of the famous concordance that was written by Bjo Trimble.

From the introduction:
The Star Trek Concordance is a fanzine encyclopedia to the Star Trek universe. This is NOT the Concordance. This is the COMICORDANCE. This is but a pale screwed up parody of the original. Everything they did right we do wrong. We distort juggle and misrepresent the facts. A parody is not an attack on the original but a manic distortion designed to provide amusement, hopefully, to those who know and love the subject. Gene Roddenberry, the staff and the actors have regularly shown a keen sense of humor as witnessed in the Blooper reel. In this spirit the Comicordance was devised as sort of an ersatz plastic blooper reel. If you are not amused then,sigh, we have failed. We've tried in our own little way to add one small Jesters planet to Roddenberry's brave new universe.

"Illustrafed" by:

  • Amy Roll
  • HR
  • Daddy Bear
  • Baby Bear
  • Cordwainer Bird
  • Bonnie Parker
  • Clyde Barrow
  • King Courtly
  • Knferian Apples
  • Nancy Crater
  • Windy Fizzbin
  • Big John
  • Jim Kirk
  • Kari Far
  • Tar Rhodes
  • Gary Seven
  • Bjo-Computer
  • Planet Wrigley
  • Imreally Zonked Henry Roll