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SPN ReverseBang


Just the Beginning
Art by vongue
Fic by disturbinglynic
Dean has always been able to turn into a cat and Sam has always wanted to pet him. One day Sam does without even realizing it and changes their relationship forever.

Mad about You
Art by petite_madame
Fic by afg1
Shifting priorities make for an interesting road trip for Sam and Dean.

Second Chances
Art by glenien
Fic by wine_into_water
A fallen angel makes no sound when it hits the ground.

Oceans Away From Who We Are
Art by lightthesparks
Fic by geckoholic
A circle of Satanists in Alabama is preparing a ritual and doesn't even have the decency to be coy about it, the Winchesters try to save a few teenagers while laying low and battling their own issues, and as usual, things go somewhat south. - Established Sam/Dean, set in current canon (sometime after 7.07, but before 7.09).

See You At The Crossroads
Art by glasslogic
Fic by cryysis
The seperation hurt. Coming together was even harder.

Outrun My Gun
Art by miki_moo
Fic by misachan
""The two of you are so stubborn you've made Heaven blink." Finally convinced that Sam and Dean will never say yes and accept their destinies, Heaven and Hell come up with a new plan, one that will redraw the Apocalypse and make everything run much more smoothly. All they need is Dean Winchester's soul.

The Door
Art by sailorhathor
Fic by ladyoneill
no romantic pairings
In an AU of Season 6, Dean leaves Lisa after only a month and returns to hunting. He stumbles across something too horrible to believe, ends up at the Campbell compound, and starts training his three cousins, all the while keeping a terrible secret from them. A secret hidden behind a door that he warns them never to open.

Exception To The Rule
Art by chef_geekier
Fic by belladonnanoir
Gabriel wants nothing more than Castiel to relax, to learn to live life to the fullest. What happens when he finally manages it?

Gone Together
Art by glenien
Fic by katiebugs18
Dean never knew Heaven could be so lonely.

Tears of Blood
Art by sailorhathor
Fic by lies_unfurl
One morning, Dean wakes up with the marks of a crucifixion victim on his hands. Things go spectacularly south from there.

Your Ghost
Art by reliand
Fic by write_light
Sam & Dean (lightly implied wincest...it's that codependent issue)
It's a story about that unhealthy relationship between Sam and Dean. How, just as always Sam can't cope with his brother being gone.

Rustling in the Dark
Art by eyestoowide
Fic by lavendergaia
Dean doesn't know what he'll find at the end of the road. Even more surprising is where he ends up before he gets there.

Brothers In Arms
Art by lightthesparks
Fic by storyspinner70
When John's old Marine buddy calls for help, the boys don't even have to consider it before they head out - after all being raised by a Marine is just as good as being a Marine, right? But once they're on a base teeming with fear and suspicion and confronted with soldiers kept on edge and waiting to be shipped overseas, can Sam and Dean focus enough to do their job?

the heaviness settles in
Art by rumrouz
Fic by race_the_ace
Gen: Sam, Gabriel, Dean, Bobby
After Dean dies, Sam prays. Gabriel answers.

The World Below
Art by nyxocity
Fic by lotrabc
With Lucifer’s triumph over Michael, the gates of Hell fell apart, and in the wave of demons that issued forth, Dean Winchester lost his life. Years later, as Lucifer nears victory in Heaven, a changed Sam Winchester presides over a ruined world below, pushing the forces of humanity and Heaven toward extinction. The war is nearly over and nothing stands to alter its course, until Sam hears the reports and the rumors of a man and he knows—his brother is back.

Take Two
Art by farfadine
Fic by crazybeagle
Gen, none (Characters: Castiel, Ruby, Dean, Sam, Bobby)
AU of 7.02. The Big Bads have disappeared without a trace. But Dean, Sam, and Bobby know that things are never that simple. They know it for a fact when they find two dark-haired children, one wearing face of a former friend and one wearing the face of a former enemy, lying on the panic room floor....

Solo Cups (Silver Linings)
Art by shichiloaf
Fic by claudiapriscus
Dean runs into Cassie four years after he last saw her. She's a little surprised to see him, considering the many and varied reports of his death. He can't say the same. Some things just have clocks ticking on them from the moment of inception. It only makes sense that this would be one of them. Mild spoilers for season 5.

the depths of bitter exultation
Art by la_fantomette
Fic by jaimeykay
After absorbing the souls from purgatory, Castiel dream-walks in Dean's head, determined to gain Dean's love and respect. Caught between dreams of his mother, hell, and the Cas he used to know promising to get Dean out, Dean wonders how long he can hold out, even with Sam and Bobby's resolve to find the solution. But Castiel knows all of Dean's weaknesses – and how to use them against him.

Caveat Emptor
Art by skylar0grace
Fic by dark_roast
Season Three AU. Deviates from canon after episode 3x13 (Ghostfacers). A mostly-gen casefic (with a little bit of Dean/Bela). The fic takes place in March of 2008, shortly after Bela steals the Colt, and two months before Dean's crossroads deal comes due. Late one night, Dean vanishes from a motel room, leaving behind signs of a struggle, and a very worried Sam. When a gorgeous brunette crossroads demon materializes and demands to know where Dean and Bela Talbot are hiding -- Sam and the crossroads demon quickly realize that neither one of them is responsible for Dean or Bela's disappearance. Sam reluctantly agrees to team up with the crossroads demon. They follow Sam's single, thin lead to a Caligari House, a very private and exclusive auction house that shifts between dimensions to avoid "unpleasantness." But Sam must find his brother before dawn. If he doesn't, Caligari House will vanish... and it won't reappear on Earth for another two centuries.

Art by nanyakanya
Fic by misslucyjane
For six months Dean has thought Castiel was killed by the Leviathan, but a little girl with an artistic bent insists Castiel is alive and can be saved. Dean doesn't know how to save someone without a monster to fight, but Castiel is in need of rescue nonetheless.

In scales of grey
Art by midnightheir
Fic by liliaeth
After surviving the demon attack in Colorado, Victor Henriksen has to learn to cope with the new realities of his life. When a case involving monsters ends up on his desk, he has to decide how to deal with it.

Art by rubystandish
Fic by aur_in_hue
After getting a talk to from Gabriel, Sam decides that it time he tell his son about his uncle.

Dean Winchester and the Temple of Enoch
Art by bellatemple
Fic by raths_kitten
Dean/Castiel, Sam/Anna
Set in a fantasy world, Sam and Dean still hunt ghosts and monsters. Just not in the way you think. Their lives are shaken up when they meet Anna and her brother Castiel.

You must remember this
Art by emlyn2
Fic by cydsa
Cas comes back and needs Dean's help

Queen of Heaven
Art by craww
Fic by xpnkitty
Castiel/Meg, unrequited Dean/Castiel
Just because the apocalypse was a flop doesn’t mean that the war’s over, and just because Lucifer’s gone doesn’t mean that all is lost. There’s a new god rising up the ranks; Meg knows a good thing when she sees it - And how to get it. (Set before Season Six.)

Cover art by quickreaver for All Our Wrath and Cutting Beauty

All Our Wrath and Cutting Beauty
Art by quickreaver
Fic by monicawoe
gen; Sam, Dean, Alistair, Castiel, Ruby, Lilith
This is an AU that begins during 4x16 'On the Head of a Pin' - opening dialogue is borrowed from that episode. Sam killed Alistair, but not before Alistair reminded Dean of who and what he'd become in Hell. Dean knows Sam can take down Lilith, and he'll make damn sure Sam gets strong enough to do just that. They'll stop the Apocalypse -- together, no matter how many bodies stack up, or how much blood is spilt.

Art by viviantanner
Fic by faithburke
none, it's gen
It’s not really a time paradox. Father would make him clean that up. This is just a quick outsourcing of research for a weapon that can kill anything.

Art by dearthursday
Fic by hipokras
Dean x Castiel; Sam, Gabriel, Balthazar, mentions of Michael, Anna, John
You meet the love of your life in the unlikeliest of places, in the unlikeliest of ways. For Castiel, it was while chasing down the thief who stole his sister's parasol. Dean has secrets, Castiel is conflicted by duty, and did we mention he's already destined to die in 1789?

This You Can Keep
Art by caz2y5
Fic by inalasahl
Dean is plagued with memories from hell and goes to see Death for a solution.

Art by teniboha
Fic by special_k414
Sam/Dean, Deanna/Samanth
"They lead different lives, know different people, but it all comes back to the same thing--family. The Colt is still missing, and Lucifer is getting closer to his goal. In a last ditch effort, Castiel sends the Winchesters back in time to retrieve it. Its holders, however, were not exactly what they expected."

Art by 79chevyimpala
Fic by verucasalt123
Sam/Alcide, Dean/Eric
The Winchesters travel to Bon Temps.

Hold, It Was Always You (Falling for Me)
Art by serenada_art
Fic by alwaysamyfic
Dean's not really supposed to have favorites, or to intervene, but Castiel is special. (Nod to Wings of Desire/City of Angels.)

Art by sailorstarshine
Fic by autumn_lilacs
Gen, with background het
Dean doesn't remember much about the childhood boat accident that scarred him for life, and talking about it drives his father to drink. Tired of his aquaphobia having total control over his life, Dean decides to face it head on, and meets a merman named Sam in the process.

Art by reapertownusa
Fic by cherry916
None, Dean, Sam, John, OC
Sam's thrown for a loop when suddenly his average day is turned into a crash course on how to be a father and how to love his own Dad again.

Sleep Behind the Wheel
Art by griseldajane
Fic by ebcdic
Dean wakes up to find himself on a bus. An endless, flat landscape flashes by the windows, the sun burning his eyes. He doesn't remember getting on the bus. Doesn't remember anything except his name and a vague sense of missing something. There's something clenched in his hand and he opens his palm, examining it. It's a compass.

The Day in the Palm of our Hands
Art by chaosraven
Fic by tabaqui
AU set immediately after 'Jus en Bello', in which Victor Henriksen lives, and things go a little differently.

cover me if there is a fire
Art by ileliberte
Fic by painted_pain
Dean couldn’t breathe, the taste of ash on his tongue, filling up his lungs. He couldn’t breathe.

Once More You Open the Door
Art by sarahtoga
Fic by hiddenvice
Nothing of importance seems to have been changed. Sam and Dean were born, were raised as hunters, started the Apocalypse, stopped the Apocalypse, imprisoned Lucifer… But the birds – the birds are bothering him. // Episode 6x17 from Castiel’s POV.

The Strangest Things Can Happen
Art by tringic
Fic by lazy_daze
Sam/Dean, Sam/OFC
Investigating a town rocked by an unusually high number of scandalous sexcapades, Sam and Dean run headlong into an ancient sex magic that leads them into a sexual...adventure of their own.

it is only with the heart that one can see rightly
Art by deadflowers5
Fic by insertcode11
Set in season 2. A skyrocketing body count of murdered models bring Sam and Dean to Tattoo Magazine's NYC office where Dean is mistaken for their next model and, inadvertently, the next victim. However, as the case evolves so does the escalating tension between them.

Gods of the Arena
Art by adrenalineshots
Fic by delanach
Set in the Spartacus Blood and Sand universe. Seven years after Dean lost Sam, he finds him again, but the brother he thought was dead has changed. He's now Crowley's champion gladiator. Dean and Sam have to learn to work together to prepare for a fight to the death.against an unbeaten champion.

... but the sun is getting low
Art by honeylocusttree
Fic by keerawa
When Dean made his Deal, he hadn’t expected to spend the last weeks of his year this way.

A Consummation Devoutly to Be Wished [the el to be jazz remix]
Art by glasslogic
Fic by losttheirbones
Dean/Sam, Dean/Kubrick, Dean/Castiel
stop. breathe. hold back the fire. your name is dean winchester. you are alone in the world. breathe. clutch the bottle tighter. the only company you have is the hallucination of your dead brother. the fire is coming -- STOP. this fic is not in second person.

But Kali Already Owns...
Art by chef_geekier
Fic by moonofblindness
Bobby's monthly poker game with Kali, Gabriel/Loki, and Crowley.

The Federal Hunters' Project: a WPA Initiative
Art by bellatemple
Fic by _bluebells
Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester, John Winchester, Ellen Harvelle, Jo Harvelle, Pamela Barnes, Rufus Turner, Bela Talbot, Chuck Shurley
Real evil exists, America, but evil, like any corporation, can be managed.

Easy Rider
Art by lamapan
Fic by twenty_rooks
minor robo!Sam/OMC
Sam and Dean are on their way home from finding Crowley's bones in Scotland when they're drawn into solving a mysterious disappearance in a small Scottish village.

Off to Burger Heaven
Art by chibifukurou Fic by discreetmath
When Lucifer chooses to let Sam go and back down from his fight with Michael, God returns him to Earth as a human. Castiel takes him in, and he does his best to help Lucifer adjust to a life without his grace. Lucifer doesn't always make it easy on him.

Getting to Yes
Art by chaosraven
Fic by rivkat
Castiel is covetous of Sam, but thinks his feelings are purely possessive and asexual. He's an angel and therefore above all that earthly desire shenanigans (or so he assumes). Despite that, he wants Sam's fidelity which Sam would be okay with... if sex were part of the agreement. Sam suggests they experiment with what kind of sexy times Cas might be okay to compromise with. It turns out that Castiel is not as immune from those kinds of things as he originally thought. I'm not looking for any kind of d/s scene, but I would like Cas being toppy and Sam being pliant.

Hearts and Grace Entwined
Art by mizra
Fic by wolfling
When Castiel is trapped in Purgatory, what are the Winchesters to do except go in and get him out? But there's more than just the leviathan to worry about there, and finding the way home demands more than just fighting their way through.

Worlds Apart, But Still So Close
Art by artmetica
Fic by morganoconner
Dean/Castiel pre-slash
Dean's best friend has gone missing, but that's not actually his biggest problem. No, his biggest problem would be the guy with the fifteen-foot wingspan and too-familiar blue eyes that just crashed through his window.

No Small Dream
Art by medicatedmaniac
Fic by baba_o_reily
Dean is a cop investigating a recent string of unexplained and bizarre murders. Castiel is an ex-priest and exorcist turned detective who has come to investigate the murders. But when has anything ever been as it seems?

After Heaven And Hell (Comes The Carousel)
Art by tringic
Fic by bree_black
Not only did that idiot angel kill Meg, he also tore a hole in Purgatory, and since she doesn’t exactly have anything better to do at the moment, Meg decides to repair it. It’s a long trip across Purgatory, and when she arrives at the home stretch Meg is less than thrilled to find a goody-two-shoes angel on pretty much the same mission.

This layer of Purgatory is home to the souls of all the dead children who couldn’t get into Heaven, which says a little something about the kind of kids they are. To reach their final destination Meg and Anna must navigate an abandoned, booby-trapped amusement park designed to terrify them. Though a first they decide it’s every woman for herself, they soon realize they’ll need to work together to survive.

The Canadian Mistake
Art by midnightheir
Fic by blackrabbit42
none. Characters include Jared, Jensen, Bobby and Balthazar
Jared and Jensen get pulled into the world of Supernatural during the filming of The French Mistake. Hijinks ensue as Bobby sends them on a wild goose chase to get them out of his hair. But they’ve got some talents that Sam and Dean never dreamed of using, and they may just surprise Bobby in the end.

Last Rites
Art by serenada_art
Fic by sophiap
none (Gen); Castiel, Kali, Death
Castiel made a promise to Dean after returning the souls to Purgatory, but actually keeping that promise will be far more complicated than he ever could have imagined.

The Angelic Company
Art by lonewined
Fic by moonliteknight
Castiel/Dean, Gabriel/Sam
Sam preferred law over chocolates. Dean liked chocolate (especially chocolate pie) but was more comfortable with cars. But when John takes an impromptu vacation, they must take over the family business or risk losing it to the sleazy ice cream shop owner Lucifer.

The Sound of Silence
Art by gnatkip
Fic by atanih88
A break to get his head together doesn't quite go as planned for Dean Winchester. Maybe he shouldn't have chosen a place where killer plants are dragging people away. Oh. And Sam shows up.

Life is just a highway
Art by tv_boyfriends
Fic by tigerist
They kill Eve and all would be nice and well if not for the fact that world isn't the way they thought it would be – neither is Dean. Almost helpless after the spell he had to cast, he depends entirely on his brother, trying to believe that this time Sam will come through for him.

Mamba Dance
Art by sillie82
Fic by jennytork
Sam and Dean are called to a zoo by an old friend. Animals -- specifically reptiles -- are becoming very aggressive. Can the brothers figure out what's going on when Dean becomes the victim of one of the most dramatic attacks yet?

Prize of Heaven
Art by pinkelephant42
Fic by starryfif2
This is a fluffy apocalypse fic. Because it is an apocalypse fic there is minor and major character death. There is a happy ending. [spoilers:]

Art by nanyakanya
Fic by thunder_nari
Castiel finds himself left in the middle of a frozen mountain with no memories of who or what he was. With only the help of his spirit guide, the white wolf Gabriel, he must find his own path through the mountain to where home calls for him. But home might not be a 'place' at all.

Art by avienica
Fic by xrai_namere
High School AU. Cas is in hospital after jumping out of a window to escape from zombies. Except that there aren't any zombies, only Cas' over active imagination. Dean is beginning to despair of his boyfriend. Meanwhile Lawrence High's Zombie Survival Club is staking out the hospital. Just in case the world starts ending.

Art by rubystandish
Fic by theblackrose16
Family is supposed to mean something. To Gabriel’s family, it seems to mean war amongst his brothers and sisters. Unable to watch his family tear each other apart, Gabriel had fled to earth. There he had found his friend, Loki. Just when Gabriel had thought things might have been looking up for him, Loki was attacked and fatally wounded. His last request had been that Gabriel take his place amongst the Norse Pantheon. Suddenly, Gabriel had found himself as the new Loki, had six new children and people making offerings to him everywhere he looked. On the bright side, it provided one hell of a cover for him from his brothers that had been searching for him. The hardest part now though, would be explaining all of this to his mate, Sam Winchester.

Finders, Keepers
Art by viviantanner
Fic by etrix
Three days after the sexy guys disappeared from her family’s motel, Mandy finally cleans out their room. There are charts on the weather and quotes about demon behavior, but there’s also a bag filled with Mary Campbell’s diaries from the late 1960’s. Mandy stores everything behind the counter half-hoping one of the (hot) McGillicuddy males will come back for them. In the meantime, there’s nothing stopping her from reading them is there? Takes place at the end of season 1.

a different kind of tough
Art by zempasuchil
Fic by alwaysenduphere
Sam/Dean (girl!chesters AU)
femmeslash, always-a-girl!chesters, second person pov, angst, mentions of dean’s drinking and sam’s tendency to use pain as a coping mechanism.

What Is And What Should Never Be
Art by reapertownusa
Fic by obsidian_moon
Dean / Alastair & Sam / Jess
Sound doesn’t travel in hell. Nothing but fire and chains, nothing but smoke and sulfur. Nothing for sound to bounce off of, to travel somewhere someone would hear and save him. Somewhere Sam would hear and save him. But Sam can’t hear him, nor save him, not even when Dean is back on earth.

Storm the Castle, Stem the Tide
Art by apieceofcake
Fic by purple_carpets
none (Gen); Dean, Sam, hallucination!Alastair, hallucination!OFC
It's only a cough, really. Until the cough turns into a fever and Sam gets all weird and Dean starts seeing Alastair and suddenly he's back in hell.

Art by xsilverdreamsx
Fic by deanawinchester
When Detective Dean Winchester first meets his assigned Guardian, sparks fly. The Cyberangel named Castiel is the most infuriating being Dean has ever had the misfortune to meet. He doesn't have a sense of sarcasm or humor, but he makes up for it with staring. A lot. Of course, this still doesn't hold Dean back from falling for Castiel, teaching the half-human, half-cybernetic being about the importance of feelings in the process.

Trapped in the Amber (Midnight Call)
Art by casper_san
Fic by kijikun
Jo/Lucifer Dean/Castiel, Dean/Castiel/Jo
Jo wakes up trapped in Carthage.

Art by teniboha
Fic by glovered
Dr. Sexy actor/Dean, Sam/Dean (kind of gen for both)
Sam and Dean hunt Leviathan on set of Doctor Sexy, M.D. Dr. Sexy lavishes attention on Dean. Sam is jealous.

Baby, You're so Real
Art by violateraindrop
Fic by withdiamonds
It's not enough that Lucifer is popping up in Sam's head all the time, now Sam has to deal with looking in the mirror and seeing his brother's face. Not to mention, he has to listen to Dean complain about being tall. He can only hope that Dean and Bobby will figure out a way to reverse whatever the hell's happening, because it's making Sam dizzy.

Another Planet, Holding You Down
Art by cassiopeia7
Fic by a_carnal_mink
Dean/Castiel (+Jimmy)
Jimmy's had his angelic comet ripped out of him. Claire carries a knife these days. The Winchesters still hate witches. And Amelia is wondering about Castiel's taste in men.

the detonation of your words, the connotation of your affection
Art by cybel
Fic by tasogareika
(pre-)Dean/Castiel, Dean (Smith) → Castiel, Castiel → Dean (Winchester)
Living in a lie is hard, but it’s not as painful as being in a relationship that’s bound to fail eventually. Set before 4.17 'It's A Terrible Life'.

Art by salty_catfish
Fic by demonic_fish
Dean is an FBI agent who's been trying to take down a crime lord named Alistair for his whole career, and, naturally, things go spectacularly haywire when his cover is blown.

Shards of Yesterday
Art by moodilylit
Fic by glasslogic
The voices in Sam's head aren't the usual ones, and the poltergeist in the glass factory isn't making anything better.

Deer by Moonlight
Art by gold_bluepoint
Fic by inalasahl
Gen (Sam, Dean)
Sam and Dean bury Bobby.

All The Way and Without Warning
Art by asmadaima
Fic by lavishsqualor
All Sam wants is a little bit of space away from the constant distraction of Dean, his antics, and his Texas-sun-deepened freckles. Things get a little bit crazy, though, when Sam decides to retaliate against Dean's ambushes with his own, and awkward teenage awkwardness ensues.

Soon To Be Dust
Art by mashimero
Fic by menel
Michael/Lucifer, Sam/Dean, minor Michael/Dean
After Sam and Dean say ‘yes’ to Lucifer and Michael, respectively, the archangels meet for the final battle at Stull Cemetery. But the final showdown proves to be more than either archangel bargained for as they traverse the psychological landscapes of Heaven, Hell and the memories of Sam and Dean. Will Lucifer and Michael bring about the end of days, or will Sam and Dean find a way to stop the apocalypse?

Puppy Love
Art by eyestoowide
Fic by chef_geekier
Implied future Sam/Ruby
Late season 3, Meg enlists Ruby to help her win a contest against Crowley. Ruby thinks both the higher-ranked demons are insane, but knows better than to say so. Turns out that training a hellhound and training a Winchester have some similarities. When she's in over her head though, it's the Winchesters who help her out.

Stone Road to Jericho
Art by mithborien
Fic by tesserae_
canon John/Mary (gen)
The only way John Winchester can keep Sam safe is to teach Dean to do it for him.

T Wears a Top Hat
Art by sarahtoga
Fic by dear_tiger
none (Gen); Sam and Dean
Sam wears Dean's obsessions and delusions like he wears his old shirts and sneakers. It's not as if ideas are less hygienic than jeans.

Another Radio Song
Art by affablyevil
Fic by clay_roses
mild Dean/Castiel and Sam/Jess
The apocalypse didn't go how Zachariah or Heaven wanted it to. But you know what they say: if at first you don't succeed, try again, or "This isn't the first planetary enema we've delivered." When Zachariah traps Sam and Dean in an alternate universe where they are not themselves, they seek help from an old friend they haven't met yet.

Fool Me Twice
Art by tiggeratl1
Fic by canadian_plant
Gen (Sam, Dean, Castiel, Lucifer)
An AU based on the events of season five. The apocalypse looms but Sam doesn't trust himself to hunt. An encounter with Lucifer leaves Castiel intent on ensuring Sam's return to the fight, but is that the right choice?

The Lightning and the Thunder
Art by [[placeofinsanity]
Fic by selecasharp
After a busy week, Sam and Dean try to take a break from hunting in Winchester, Connecticut. But before they can even really try to relax, a hunt finds them.

Love and War
Art by caz2y5
Fic by iantosgal
Dean/Cas, mentioned Sam/Jess
Dean and Castiel are a sniper team fighting in Afghanistan who fall in love. A mission goes disastrously wrong for their unit and Castiel clings to the hope that Dean might just survive.

Ghost Light
Art by amberdreams
Fic by bad_peppermint
John Winchester always said spontaneous combustion was a myth. But now, in a case about three dead sisters where nothing seems to add up, Sam and Dean are about to find out that he was wrong.

Dear Sam, It's 10:54. From Hell
Art by cybel
Fic by think4paperinkw
Sam's been gone for a while, and his nightmares are coming back to him without Dean to stop them, his nightmares of a time in Hell that killed him. Will they continue or will they stop?

How I See You<
Art by nanoks
Fic by anyothergirl415
This power was something Sam always had, something he’d honed over the years. It wasn’t even that bad, being able to see people’s future with a simple touch, but it certainly didn’t make relationships very easy. So paying for sex just to feel that connection with someone? It was kind of like Sam’s right. If only someone had warned him just how things would change after hooking up with Dean.

With the fire behind us
Art by mithborien
Fic by smash86
The Apocalypse was averted but the Leviathans were real and horrific and the battle lasted for years. When it was finally over, Sam and Dean had nothing left except each other and the road ahead; but that had always been more than enough.

Fall From Grace
Art by smut_slut
Fic by moonbeamdancer
Sam/Dean (unrelated)
Dean's a bad ass enforcer for Heaven, who finds himself suddenly cut off from the divine grace of God. During a storm he's rescued by a centaur too cute for his own good, and the two of them now find themselves in the center of a plot for the extermination of all life on Earth.

Art by alwaysawkward
Fic by metallikirk
None. It's a gen story.
The adventures of Butch Winchester and his trusty sidekick, Castiel the Sundance Kid

In Your Shadow (I Am Reborn)
Art by amberdreams
Fic by emmram
Sam/Lucifer (implied), Dean, a very brief cameo from Castiel
"Freedom became punishment became love became life a long, long time ago: Sam understands this now, and he will live this life the only way he knows."

Embrace of the Dragon
Art by smut_slut
Fic by heeroluva
Sam/Dean (no relation)
Dean is offered to a dragon. The dragon finds that Dean's more than just an offering.

Look not with the eyes
Art by naisica
Fic by sepherim_ml
Sam/Dean (unrelated)
Dean is a Hunter, who lost his family in a fire and has powers. He travels all around Countries with the sole companionship of Sam, his wolf, with whom Dean has a particular bond. During a particular hunt, Dean finds himself in possession of a very powerful artifact that can change his relationship with Sam forever.

The prayers that we had prayed were like a drug
Art by inetux9
Fic by freakgeeknation
Dean/Castiel. Brief mention of Dean/Lisa
When Castiel finally comes to Dean after Sam's demise in "Swang Song", their relationship takes a deep and passionate turn even though Dean is living with Lisa. Unable to hold onto Castiel due to his own feelings of self worth and knowledge of Castiel's bigger purpose than being with him, Dean shuns him, pushing him away and back to heaven. Now on a self destructive path, Dean finds himself without his brother, his lover, and the woman who took him in when no one else would have him. With nowhere else to go or turn to, Dean makes a decision that forces an angel to intervene. Again.

The Consequence
Art by dark_princess17
Fic by entropy_maximum
Michael/Lucifer, past Lucifer/Gabriel
Hell is worse the second time around, with unwanted cell-mates and lots of issues to work out, everything is going to change.

Visions of Sugarplums and Other Various Oddities
Art by daggomus_prime
Fic by elfladyarwen
Dean/Castiel, Sam, Bobby
An insight into the dream world of two sibling hunters and wayward angel when an attempt to break the record for the most repeat watchings of A Christmas Story fails and succombs to drunken sleep. And also what Bobby Singer has to say about all this holiday jackassery...

Art by dusk_light
Fic by lizzstomania
Dean/Castiel, Jared
Dean's got himself a pretty good life going with Cas (who has a girlfriend, but whatever), until a tall, skinny homeless kid breaks into his house in the middle of the day.


Art by bflyw
Fic by bunnymaccool
AU - He doesn’t like to think back on the entire experience much. Not more than to, say, acknowledge that the one thing that irrevocably changed his life around for the better was the same thing that nearly killed his best friend in the entire world. It’s an impossible trade off. If that night had never happened, he would never have known the truth or have within his grasp this completely amazing love he’d only ever dreamt of finding. Really, though … he’s digressing … it doesn’t start here. It starts with an argument. And a rainstorm.

Art by trueshellz
Fic by slartibartfast
It's easy for Jared to follow the law of God on Earth, even if he's not an angel any more. He wears his Fallen Angel tattoos proudly and never questions the law set down for him. Until Jensen, a human in need of his help, falls into his path.

The Ghost
Art by ladytiferet
Fic by hunters_retreat
Thirty years ago, humanity was changed. The magic they scoffed at as nothing more than fairy tales and children's illusions was real and the barrier that separated them from that and the world of the fae came crashing down. In the wake of that phenomena, new government agencies were created to deal with the problems of magic in the modern world. Humans relied on the men and women of the DMI to protect them from the abuses of magic. But when Agent Padalecki finds himself in the middle of a murder investigation with a civilian on his scene, he realizes it's not just any civilian. The intruder is the Ghost, a fae that even the high Seelie court fear. Faced with a murder investigation and a possible connection to a string of killings, Agent Padalecki must find a way to work with the Ghost to stop a killer before he can do the unthinkable; start a war between humanity and fae.

Accidents of Love
Art by quantrail
Fic by peppervl
Jared Padalecki/Jensen Ackles
Rescuing the strange guy from oncoming traffic wasn't how Jensen thought he'd meet his future husband, but there's something about the guy that catches his interest. Getting to know Jared doesn't always go as he planned, but sometimes accidents aren't always bad things.

Crashing Hard Against The Rocks
Art by trueshellz
Fic by puchuupoet
Jensen's been primed for pack leader his whole life, and the time to take over is nearing. His parents, his best friend Christian, they're all excited for him, except he can't bring himself to meet their enthusiasm. A not-so-chance encounter with an apprentice tattooist may help him find the change he's been looking for.

Of puppies, kitties and schoolgirl crushes
Art by la_fantomette
Fic by albalonga99
Jared has a huge schoolgirl crush on the world`s worst Starbucks barista Jensen... Turns out Jensen may be returning the sentiment but it`s not that easy because Jensen has a secret...

The Space Between the Bullets in Our Firefight
Art by mysticwaters
Fic by embroiderama
Jensen/Jeffrey Dean Morgan
Jensen’s an FBI agent who doesn’t want to let things like love and family get in the way of his ambitions. It takes getting what he wants to figure what he’s been needing all along.

Window of Opportunity
Art by rumrouz
Fic by gwendolynd
Jared and Jensen's peaceful vacation is cut short when Officer Ackles is pulled into a case that threatens to destroy everything. While Jensen experiences life on the other side of the bars, Jared struggles to find a way to save him.

Weird Science
Art by smallworld_inc
Fic by dragonspell
Jensen is a brilliant if under-appreciated scientist. His lab is a little rundown but Jensen knows that he's close to a scientific breakthrough that's going to cement his place in history--if only he could spend a little less time drooling over his gorgeous (but straight) research partner and got a little more sleep. When Jensen receives the news, though, that his department is about to be shut down, he knows that close isn't going to cut it. He needs results and quick.

Live to Cheer
Art by dephigravity
Fic by aythia
Jared/ Jensen
High school. School spirit. Cheerleading means everything to Jensen Ackles, it's who he is. It doesn't mean anything to Jared Padalecki, not to begin with. Sometimes a simple little bet is all it takes to change everything.

The Same Boy You've Always Known
Art by sillie82
Fic by riyku
It's not all that much fun falling in love with your best friend, particularly when the guy can't seem to keep his hands to himself.

Fool Hearted Man
Art by beelikej
Fic by tmn1966
Jeff was certain people really didn’t ‘fall in love’. He’d been there, done that and all it led to was hurt. Casual was definitely the way to go.

Jensen was just as sure that falling in love was the easy part, it was staying there that took some skill. He wanted nothing more than a chance to show Jeff just how capable the heart was.

The Long Seduction
Art by expectative
Fic by sonofabiscuit77
Jared/Jensen, Jared/OFC, [SPOILER FOR THE STORY]
Jensen Ackles is the ruthless high-stakes litigator at the top of his game; Jared Padalecki, the ambitious but inexperienced lawyer personally recruited by Jensen; and Jeff Morgan, the billionaire businessman and target of a massive multi-million dollar lawsuit led by Jensen. All three stand to gain or lose more than their reputations in the cut-throat world of high-stakes litigation. But when you’re willing to do anything to win, nothing is clear cut and no one is squeaky clean. Loosely based on season one of the TV show Damages.

Art by apieceofcake
Fic by i_o_r_h_a_e_l
Jensen/Jared, Jensen/OMC
Jensen is a stage actor but all those people trailing on his tail, including an FBI agent, Jared Padalecki, are not following him because they are fans.

No Strings Attached
Art by acuarella_117
Fic by fiercelynormal
Jensen has a plan to become a partner in his law firm by the age of thirty, and nothing is going to stand in his way - especially not the drama of a romantic relationship. After a drunken one-night stand with his friend, Jared, Jensen decides a no-strings affair is the perfect solution. But can he keep his emotions out of it long enough to make partner and keep Jared's friendship?

Finding the Boy at the Sea
Art by deadflowers5
Fic by jesseofthenorth
Jensen Ackles, 19, needs to get away from the mess he made of his life. So he goes as far as he can get without a passport. He goes looking for answers and finds everything he ever wanted.

The Road Before Us
Art by danaid_luv
Fic by comet91
A year ago Jensen Ackles suffered a near career-ending injury. Unable to forgive Jared for his part in it, Jensen has kept his distance but now they have both been called up to represent their country in the Road Cycling World Championships.

Zero One/ One Zero
Art by deannawesson
Fic by gretazreta
Jensen Ackles/ Jared Padalecki, Beth Riesgraf/Christian Kane
Jensen's the best navigator in the Zone: a “flyer” who works with a small crew hacking virtual security systems. It's exciting, profitable, and not entirely legal. When one of his team gets lost on-grid, Jensen teams up with Jared, a “breaker”, who's convinced that there's more to the latest rash of Zone fatalities than meets the eye.

where you came from
Art by ldyghst
Fic by earthquakedream
After running for his life from the worst date ever, Jared ends up the indentured servant of an elf. He finds he doesn't mind it so much. The wolf is pretty cool, too.

Vesti la Giubba
Art by secretlytodream
Fic by cherie_morte
Tartarus is not the first circus Jensen's worked, but it's certainly the creepiest. After months without work, Jensen's not really in the place to be picky, so he takes the contortionist job he's offered and rolls with it. The people aren't bad at least, and the ringleader, Jared, is as hot as he is mysterious. Jensen won't complain about a job that feeds him and gets him laid regularly, and it's not like curses are real, anyway.

They're Advertising in the Skies (For People Like Us)
Art by amindaya
Fic by zubeneschamali
Jensen's gotten outside the system and managed to survive, thumbing his nose at the all-powerful conglomerates with the help of his augmentations. But a chance hookup with a stranger from a club makes him rethink everything, and suddenly he's facing a decision he never thought he'd have to make.

Art by xsilverdreamsx
Fic by strangeallure
At first, poker talent Jensen Ackles is just another job for Jared: different player, same game. But when the heat between him and Ackles rises and the stakes turn out to be much higher than Jared thought, he winds up with more than he ever bargained for.

Highway to Hell or Stairway to Heaven?
Art by denig37
Fic by clwright2
Jared and Jensen are fed up with hell’s new management, so they find a way to take matters into their own hands.

Original Bloodline
Art by inanna_maat
Fic by dont_hate_me01
Jensen/Jared and several OMC.
Werewolves and humans have been living side by side for eons, sometimes in harmony, most of the time in battle. A new era has arrived. The fate of all the nations would be decided by two werewolves. A leader and a follower... this is their story.

Cold Mirrors All Around
Art by ldyghst
Fic by pinkwithoutplot
It's been years since Father Jensen Ackles, a priest at Sacred Heart, was last called upon to deal with a vampire, and yet he finds himself tormented by dreams of blood and sinful pleasures. When Jeffrey Dean Morgan - his mysterious and erstwhile father figure - asks for his help hunting down a fledgling blood-drinker, Jensen reluctantly agrees. But this particular hunt does not go as planned, and his encounter with the young vampire leads him down a dark path...and towards a shocking revelation about himself.

Of Love & Levitating Dirigible Engineers
Art by deannawesson
Fic by bauble
Jared Padalecki/Christian Kane
Jared is a simple inventor in a small town who discovers a man in the junkyard. A Steampunk AU.

Mine to Give Away
Art by vongue
Fic by tebtosca
Falling in love with your best friend isn't too shocking. But finding love with his wife, too? Now, there’s the kicker.

Dance With Passion
Art by bflyw
Fic by bubbles759
When Jared met Jensen Ackles for the first time, he laughed off any ideas he had about Jensen's dancing. After all, what does a street dancer know about ballet? But when Jared's teacher tells him that his dancing is nothing special, Jared may just have to eat his words, and acknowledge that the street dancer may have been right. Can Jared take instruction from someone with no technical knowledge and take his dancing to another level, or will his predjudice leave him in the chorus line?

You know that we're falling (We're falling back into the sun)
Art by talulababy
Fic by the_milky_way
Jensen is a big shot movie star, Jared a skateboarding champion. They met once, under less than stellar circumstances. Now Jensen needs Jared to teach him how to look passionate and not face plant while on a skateboard or strangle himself while holding a kite. Considering that Jared hates Jensen, this seems to be a fun mission right from the beginning. And Jensen's social awkwardness that Jared takes as typical diva behavior isn't really helping either.

Haven't Met You Yet
Art by arabia764
Fic by sandymg
After an unsettling break-up with his lover, well-known horror writer Jared Padalecki has settled into the quiet and privacy of his new home. Except he's developing an obsession about the visitor in his garden who feels like someone Jared has been waiting for his whole life. Trouble is, the man he wants to meet lives in a world where Jared hasn't even been born.

Art by anarda2
Fic by annie46
Folklore Student Jared is convinced that there is a realm beyond this one - where by the beck the red fern is said to bloom, a minute to midnight on Midsummer’s eve; a night of magic and mystery where the beings that live deep within the woods take human form and mingle with humankind. Jared wants to be part of that realm and one Midsummer’s Eve the magic finally happens.

It Had To Be You
Art by beelikej
Fic by ficnerd198
Jared/Jensen, Danneel/Sophia
Jared thought he had the rest of his life planned out, he thought that college would be a smooth transition and he wouldn't have to deal with the drama of high school life anymore. What he didn't expect for his senior year was for his high school sweetheart, Jensen, to break up with him right before prom.

Now, bitter and looking for a new start, Jared and his best friend Chad, (who means well but is really just a douche) start college at Texas Tropes University with hopes for something better than what Jared left behind. It turns out that college has other ideas for him though and when 'Hurrican Jensen' comes back into his life, Jared's first year of college becomes more of a big FML moment than anything else.

Ritual Sacrifice
Art by ysbail
Fic by vambrac
Jensen/Jared (additional cwrps supporting characters)
Trade Emissary Jensen Ackles is given a slave already doomed to a terrible fate. In an effort to rescue his new charge, Jensen falls afoul of a religious cult and taken to be sacrificed.

And if I never see the sunrise again (that'd be A-OK)
Art by amindaya
Fic by cyndrarae
Seven years is a long time. People change, boys grow into men, strangers become friends, and friends become lovers. But damn those mornings, they’re still the bitches.

Sea Below and Skies Above
Art by malbryn
Fic by hils
Jensen is quite content with his life in the ocean until Jared literally crashes into his life.

The Heart of Everything
Art by onceuponarhi
Fic by cleflink
When Jared moved to the country, he thought he'd left loud and chaotic back in the steam-powered copper-and-stone world of the city. He was right, up until a chance encounter with a wounded runaway turned his quiet little life into a not-so-quiet little life that would need patience, trust, love and a little bit of ingenuity to keep it safe when the man's mysterious past caught up with them both.

Just Don't Mention the "D" Word
Art by celeste_abel
Fic by lemanya
J2 (mainly. Side serve of others, non-central to plot)
Jared always thought he'd die a hero's death, in recompense for his mediocre life. Well, he doesn't. Far from it. But from that point on, things start looking up. Becoming a reaper is the best thing to ever happen to Jared, and getting paired with the surly and coffee-addicted Jensen? Totally awesome, even if Jensen has been doing the job for far too long. Yeah, an afterlife as a reaper is pretty sweet. There's just one thing- don't ever mention the "D" word.

The Other Side of the Fence
Art by tinkabell007
Fic by macbyrne
Jensen was having the worst day of his life. He was also afraid it would be the last day of his life.

Underneath the Starry Vigils
Art by angelicfoodcake
Fic by akadougal
Jared had always wanted to captain an airship under his own terms. Jensen Ackles offered that - and adventure, romance and treasure too.

Art by sagetan
Fic by drvsilla
Jared knew what to expect at the fair -- junk food, rides, a few game, more junk food. He never expected more that or to really even have a good time. But a least there was the junk food.

If Things Come Alive
Art by reliand
Fic by orbiting_saturn
Jensen winces and thunks his head back against the wall. "You're holding me for ransom, aren't you?" Jensen never really expected his father to pay, and somewhere in the back of his head, he saw this becoming the rest of his life. Nothing but one room and Jared.

Believe In Nothing But
Art by bumerbmw
Fic by sparseparsley
Jared figures he knows everything he needs to know about his boyfriend. Everything important, anyway. Right up to the night he gets attacked in his own home and wakes up in the company of someone who wants to show him just how little he knows about the man he calls Jensen Jones.

Hot Air Balloon Time Machine
Art by ordinaryink
Fic by mistyzeo
The hot guy at Genevieve's masquerade party has a lousy costume, but Jared goes home with him all the same. He doesn't expect to wake up in the morning in 1891 at a magical marketplace full of oddities, but that's the way things go sometimes.

Art by kasmodia
Fic by kerfuffling
When Chris drags Jensen to a gay club, he did not expect to be hit on by a giant drag queen. Nor did he anticipate liking it as much as he does.

raise up your mind; it's time to shine
Art by angelicfoodcake
Fic by kelleigh
Jared acknowledges that the decision to keep his relationship with Jensen from straying into anything more than friendship was a bad one. So terrible, he refers to it in his head as the Worst Decision Ever. Supernatural is more important than their feelings for one another, at least that’s what Jared keeps telling himself whenever he and Jensen come to close to crossing the line. But circumstances begin to change on an otherwise ordinary day of filming. It begins with a game of hide-and-seek through an unusual maze and ends with Jared making an unexpected offer that leads him into a whole new world—literally—and shows him exactly what he’s been missing.

In The Face Of Danger
Art by nanoks
Fic by zenamydog
As research for their new movie, Jared and Jensen go undercover with a motorcycle club, but things get a little too real when they end up in the middle of a gang war. Once their cover is blown, it's a fight for survival and this time, they really don't have anyone they can trust except each other.

This Song's for You
Art by danaid_luv
Fic by dolnmoon
J2 Jared/Jensen
Jensen is a famous gay rock star. Jared is his number one fan. When Jensen needs a vacation after a hard tour, his agent books him a room at the Lambs Rest Inn in New Braunfels Texas where Jared happens to work as the desk clerk. Their encounter turns into a seemingly one night stand but maybe Jensen feels like its more. There are some questionable deceptions on Jared’s end that might make him change is mind.

A Little Fall of Rain
Art by eleke
Fic by cherry_kiss_8
J2 Jared/Jensen
Love is blind. That's what every keeps telling him - but Jared doesn't buy it. His eyes are crystal clear. And he hates himself more and more everytime he forces them shut.

Waiting On An Open Door
Art by artylicious94
Fic by bewaretheides15
So maybe Jensen's soft for the kid, maybe that hard-edged hunger in his eyes makes Jensen a little weak. Maybe it's a little lame for a 24 year old bartender to spend this much time thinking about an underage customer whose name he doesn't even know.

In My Thoughts, The Lights Are Always On
Art by tiggeratl1
Fic by spn_j2fan
Jared/Jensen, JDM, Many OC's
There was a time when all he wanted to be was an accountant, and then he wanted to be a husband. It wasn’t long after that, when all he could think about was becoming a father. Serial killer was never part of his plan.

New Moon
Art by heard_the_owl
Fic by gedry
In the future on Thundera, Jared is next in line for leadership. A competition is occurring for the right to claim him as a mate. Jared cares little about the outcome, the only two he truly wants, he can't have. Unbeknownst to him, an old friend has returned from exile to fight for his honor and Jared finds the future he thought lost to him back within his grasp. But will he make the sacrifices required for him to keep this new found happiness?