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Name: Welton B. Marsland[1]
Alias(es): a_carnal_mink, anal_cram_ink, bar_bar_ella, Barbarella
Type: Fan writer, moderator, poet
Fandoms: Supernatural, Harry Potter, Harry Potter RPF, Stonehenge Apocalypse
Communities: Twinspiration
Other: Edwardian_punk_ at Twitter (moderator/curator)
URL: a_carnal_mink at AO3
Barbarella at Walking the Plank
a_carnal_mink at LiveJournal
anal_cram_ink at LiveJournal
bar_bar_ella at LiveJournal
weltonbmarsland at Tumblr
wbmarsland at Twitter
WeltonBMarsland at Wattpad
weltonbmarsland.com/ (site)
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a_carnal_mink is an Australian fanfiction writer primarily in Supernatural fandom. Their Harry Potter and Harry Potter RPF stories are published under the username anal_cram_ink[2] and previously as Barbarella and bar_bar_ella.[3]

They edited a 2017 Supernatural poetry book, Carrying On: A Collection of Fan Poetry Inspired by the TV Series Supernatural.

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