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Name: Robin Hood Fan Community
Date(s): 17 August 2009 – present
Moderated: yes
Moderators/List Maintainers: LadyKate63, Aurora Goddess, MoyCullen, Insomniac Bard, Morgan, Novindalf
Founder(s): LadyKate63
Type: discussion, fanfiction, fanart, fanvids
Fandom: Robin Hood (BBC 2006)
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The Robin Hood Fan Community is a forum for the BBC television incarnation of the Robin Hood legend, starring Jonas Armstrong, Lucy Griffiths, Richard Armitage and Keith Allen, which first aired in 2006–2009. It was founded in August 2009 by LadyKate63, with site design by Aurora Goddess, and is hosted by Yuku.

It hosts boards for discussion of the show and its actors, fanfiction & recs, and fanart & vids, and also holds icontests and ficathons. All posts are public. As of June 2013, it has over 420 members and over 100,000 posts. It remains active, and is probably the most active open forum for the show.


LadyKate63 remains the site owner. Other administrators are Aurora Goddess, Insomniac Bard and Novindalf.


It is a sister site of the Hoodwinked fansite, and is also affiliated with the guyxmarian, maz-heads, robinsociety & for-nottingham LJs, and the Lucy Ursula Griffiths & Lara Pulver actor forums.


Corrielle writes: If you're looking for community, make your way over to The Robin Hood Fan Community Forums, which are moderated by the ever-so-congenial ladykate63. There are episode discussions, fic challenges, icon contests, and some really thought-provoking meta.[1]


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