Quidditch Pitch Interview with ericahpfa

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Interviews by Fans
Title: Quidditch Pitch Interview with ericahpfa
Interviewee: ericahpfa
Date(s): March 2008
Medium: online
Fandom(s): Harry Potter
External Links: Interview at TQP[1]
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In 2008, ericahpfa was interviewed for The Quidditch Pitch as the Artist of the Month for March.

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Some Excerpts

I was introduced to fandom two years ago by stumbling onto Checkmated, a fanfiction website for Ron & Hermione – who were my first OTP before I even knew what an OTP was! They still hold a place in my heart and I try and sketch them whenever I can but Remus and Sirius have long since replaced them as my OTP. Which can be so terrifically frustrating and heartbreaking. As I said I am a very simple person, and good God these two are just so NOT. There are times that I would love to chuck them out and fully embrace Charlie and Tonks (a close second for OTP) but I am waiting for that perfect fic that gives them a satisfying conclusion to their starcrossedness (it is SO a word). And then I can be content to leave them – but that will never happen. Which is, of course, why we love fandom like we do.
Ball point pen [is my preferred medium]. I use a Bic Ultra Round Stic, Black medium. It is the smoothest pen that I have found – and cheap! I also use a mechanical pencil but they all seem to work the same, and the paper is simply computer paper.
Probably Harry [is the most challenging to illustrate], I am not so much a fan of his. I am terrible for letting my likes and dislikes of characters affect my drawings, although in the case of affection for them I do believe that it will come across on paper. Remus can be tricky as well. To scar or not to scar (I don't anymore and mourn their loss), and with his leanness it can be difficult not to emaciate him completely, or to make him look very young – which in higher rated pieces is a squick of mine.
At least half of what I draw is R/NC17 so there is quite a bit I wouldn't draw there. Nothing underage, illegal, non-con, bloodplay, etc etc. Otherwise I'm pretty easy going for situation. Character on the other hand...I refuse to draw Remus/Snape, James/Sirius, and Harry/Hermione.
The Padfoot biting Moony piece[2] is a favorite [piece that I've done]. I also am so pleased with the trio that I did recently[3] – it was a super rushed job but came out lovely. There is also a NC17 with Charlie and a Dragon-y Tonks that was so much fun to draw.


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