Quidditch Pitch Interview with Cluegirl (2007)

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Interviews by Fans
Title: Quidditch Pitch Interview with Cluegirl
Interviewee: Cluegirl
Date(s): September 2007
Medium: online
Fandom(s): Harry Potter
External Links: interview is here; reference link
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In 2007, Cluegirl was interviewed for The Quidditch Pitch.

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Some Excerpts

Well, I wasn't one of those who railed and ranted and protested the epilogue, actually. I know that's a bit heretical for a Snarry slasher, but I actually thought Harry's characterization was pretty much in line with how I've always seen him. See, Harry, with his history of emotional abuse and neglect, has always been what I consider an ideal candidate for bisexuality. He's the kind of boy who'd open his heart fully and wholly to anyone who offered to love him, and really, Ginny was the first person to make a really overt demonstration of actually wanting him. Harry's desperately susceptible to being wanted, you know -- that's part of the hold Snape has over him, that's part of what he loved so much about Sirius, that's part of how Dumbledore's distant treatment in the fifth book hurt him so terribly. Harry didn't really fall in love WITH Ginny -- that is, they didn't create the attraction between them together, with each of them building a place for the other in their hearts, -- Harry fell in love around Ginny as an ideal, while he couldn't have her. And, as we all know about Harry, he's loyal to a fault. Once he'd decided he was in love with Ginny, once she'd responded with desire, caring, tenderness, and love for him, he would sooner have cut off his own arm than to lose any of that -- another hallmark of neglected children, that. So, do I think that he and Ginny were a great passion? No. I think, in fact, that they probably settled into a tame, comfortable relationship that had more to do with friendship and ease than with actual, passionate attraction. I think they both adore the kids more than they actually love each other, but I don't think either's unhappy in the marriage, so neither's likely to end it without a bit of writerly intervention. (Rubs hands with wicked intent...)
Snape's death scene: I was vastly unsatisfied with how it was handled, and I thought the crafty old bastard deserved far more.
Yes, I do [read my old fanfic] sometimes. Especially when I'm having a fit of self doubt and am up against a deadline. And I do have a story I simply loathe; It's called When You Don't See Me, and I never finished it, because I simply could not make the ending resolve, no matter how hard I tried. I hate it like blazes, because the beginning's really good, but it just collapses into a mess partway through. As for the ones I've published, I don't put something out unless I like it at least a little.
My writing fetish is passion. I don't like to write cool, poised, balanced seductions, I like my men to crash together and hang on like the world's falling apart around them. I'm the kind of writer that if you asked me what I wanted for my birthday, I'd say "an explosion." Jungle-fucking is far more of a turn on for me than, say, D/s or elaborate bondage. Kinks? Is plot a kink? Because sex that drives the plot is bulletproof for me, no matter how part a fits into slot b. Squicks: Sexualized humiliation. I can't read it, I can't write it, and I won't even try. I'll write scatplay first, that's how much I hate it.
The instant gratification of the comment feature in the blogs. I love that Fandom actually takes the time to say 'read it, liked it, here's why.' Pro fiction doesn't really offer that kind of enthusiasm or support, which is one of the reasons why I keep on coming back to the fans. I also love that fandom has an ever changing face. There's always someone new and fantastic who's just tumbled into love with the stuff, and has loads to share. And finally, the sense of community that's grown out of it. Despite all our differences, and all the wank, and all the ship wars, HP fandom really feels a lot like a family to me.