Quidditch Pitch Interview with Amanda R

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Interviews by Fans
Title: Quidditch Pitch Interview with Amanda R
Interviewer: Rondastarr
Interviewee: Amanda Rex a.k.a. AmandaR
Date(s): April 2007
Medium: online
Fandom(s): Harry Potter
External Links: interview is here; reference link
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In 2007, Amanda R was interviewed for The Quidditch Pitch.

See Quidditch Pitch Interview Series.

Some Excerpts

I had just started watching the X-Files, coming to the party a little late and trying to catch up by reading episode summaries online and joining X-Files discussion mailing lists. That led to reading fan fiction, and on a lark, I wrote my own. I was terrified to show it to anyone, but I was very lucky to get some encouraging feedback from a few established writers once I'd plucked up the courage to post it. That experience made me want to continue.

After my interest in the X-Files waned, I moved on to Buffy, and then to Harry Potter. I have to say, the readers in the Harry Potter fandom really seem to be a unique breed of generous souls. I'm glad my interests have led me there.

[defining moment for my favorite character]: Hermione: Walking into the Yule Ball on Viktor Krum's arm, because it showed her that she doesn't lose strength for being feminine.
[a wish for Harry's fate]: Oh, you had to ask me the question that will make everyone mad at me. What should it be, or what do I want it to be? I think it's more poetic if he doesn't make it, but I wish, for his sake, that he rides off into the sunset, safe and happy.
[hardest character to write]: I suppose the answer to this would be the character who I've ducked on purpose, because I have no idea how to tackle him. It'd have to be Draco. I dare you to find a mention of him in my fics. He squicks me out.