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Title: Phlegethon
Editor(s): Richard Robinson
Date(s): 1978
Medium: print
Fandom: multimedia
Language: English
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Phlegethon is a gen sf/occult anthology. It is reduced off-set. It contains 64 pages and original fiction as well as stories from Star Trek: TOS, Dark Shadows and Star Wars. It has fiction by Kathleen Newman, Jim Passmore, Nancy Collins, Kathy Resch, Sandra Necchi, Irene B. Shafer, and Bethany Hew. Art by Marshmelly, Theresa Holmes, Framizam, Dot Sasscer, Mark Golden, Jim Passmore, and Janet Meehan. Poetry by L. Jeanne Powers. It includes reviews.

From a 1980 Ad

From Fesarius #5:
The premier issue is still available with only a limited amount of its first print run left. When they are gone, that's it, since Imperial Press does not reprint its zines. PHLEGETHON features some of the best SF/F/Horror material in fanzines today. This first issue includes fiction by Kathleen Newman, Irene Shafer, Collins, Jim Passmore, Bethany Huw, Sandra Necchi, and [Kathy Resch]. The fiction deals with such subjects as STAR TREK, DARK SHADOWS, clones, ancient alien civilizations, humorous sword & sorcery, and more. Also included is art by such top fannish artists as Theresa Holmes, Marshmelly, Dot Sasscer, Mark Golden, Jim Passmore, Caroline Hedge, and Janet Meehan. PHLEGETHON #1 also includes poetry by Jeanne Powers, reviews, and much more.


  • Silent Sound by Kathleen Newman (Star Trek)
  • Three to Throtaket (sword and sorcery)
  • Blue Eyes by Kathy Resch (Dark Shadows)
  • The Indictment, part one by Bethany Hew (Original Fiction)
  • a Star Wars vignette
  • a sf story by Sandra Necchi
  • a sf story by Jim Passmore
  • poetry by L. Jeanne Powers
  • other unknown content

Reactions and Reviews

This is a really varied zine. To start off, there's an ST story called 'Silent Sound' by Kathleen Newman about an alien force that leaves the Enterprise deaf and blind, how they relate to each other and the alien makes for some interesting reading. 'Three to Throtaket' is a sword and sorcery story about three unlikely, but delightful, rescuers. I also liked [Kathy Resch's] 'Blue Eyes' - a Dark Shadows story but good for anybody who likes vampires, and part 1 of 'The Indictment' by Bethany Hew -- a modern day horror story set on a college campus -- which is probably why I like it; I want to read it to my roommate, a nervous soul, to watch her sit up all night. Also included in this issue are a Star Wars vignette and sf stories, one by Sandra Necchi and one by Jim Passmore -- like I said, something for everybody. Some nice artwork, too, including work by Marshmelly, Framizam, and Theresa Holmes, not to mention a good 'Quentin' and 'Princess Leia.' All in all, a fun zine.[1]


  1. ^ from Scuttlebutt #9