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Title: Papa Don't Preach
Creator: Eunice and Greensilver
Date: March 14, 2008
Format: digital vid
Length: 3:09 minutes
Music: "Papa Don't Preach" by Madonna
Genre: constructed reality
Fandom: Torchwood and Doctor Who
URL: announcement post on LJ, includes dl link
"image of Jack Harkness looking worried against the background of a night time cityscape. Text reads 'pap don't preach, song by madonna, vid by greensliver and eunice'"
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Papa Don't Preach is a Torchwood constructed reality Mpreg crack vid by Eunice and Greensilver. It imagines Captain Jack Harkness as a teenage girl who was knocked up by The Master and plans to marry Ianto. The apostrophized "Papa" is The Doctor. The vid uses footage from both Torchwood and Doctor Who. It was very positively received by the fandom, and is often praised for its clever use of the song lyrics, the choice of canon images, and use of manips, to tell a very different story.

It has been mentioned in an academic paper, "Veni, Vidi, Vids!" audiences, gender and community in Fan Vidding, as an example of vidding and gender[1]. It has also featured at several panels and events at Vividcon over the years.[2]


On the Livejournal announcement:

So, trelkez and I may sometimes disagree, but there is one thing we stand absolutely united on. And that is our deep and heartfelt concern for Jack and his unplanned pregnancy. We couldn't just leave him an unwed mother like that, now could we? No, we could not. And so... Jack is keeping his baby...yeah, we went there.

On Youtube:

A Doctor Who & Torchwood vid from 2008, made by Trelkez (Greensilver) and Eunice. Jack/Master, Jack/Ianto. Mpreg.

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Reactions and Reviews

The vid was a hit when it first came out; the original announcement post generated 11 pages of comments.

An absolute classic of the Torchwood fandom, The Master knocks up Jack Harkness, The Doctor is the titular papa who shouldn't preach, and Ianto Jones steps up. Amazing editing and manips were done to make this all work and it's so great to return to over and over again.[3]

The amount of times I have watched this vid is probably obscene. THANK YOU VLC FOR NOT KEEPING TRACK OF THAT FOR ME.[4]

If you are not averse to downloading versus streaming, I HIGHLY recommend Fan Eunice and Greensilver’s vid Papa Don’t Preach. Not only is it fun, it is a fantastic example of using source material to tell a completely different story. In this case, the story of Jack telling the Tenth Doctor he is pregnant with the Master’s baby. Don’t judge, it works. 😉[5]

You really, really, really have not lived until you see Jack telling his papa he's keeping his baby.[6]

This is the vid that made me fall in love with vids; it has a story right there on the screen, and it is hilarious and witty and tender by turns.[7]

This is the infamous mpreg songvid that is every bit as cracktacular as the show, and it's glorious.[8]

Really, nothing I could say about this video would prepare you for it's awesomeness. Seasons 1-3, Torchwood 1-2.[9]

Torchwood, but I...cannot imagine that it matters if you know the fandom, for this vid. It's more important that you know fandom. Also that you have a screw loose in your head, but I think that goes without saying in these parts. Watch it a couple of times. See how the lyrics totally change the meaning of the footage? Suddenly we have MPreg! Where - okay, I think technically MPreg is canon in this fandom, but I am fairly sure the Master (blond guy) never actually knocked Jack (pregnant guy, and how much do I love fandom that it made me type that phrase?) up. This is a fairly extreme example, but this is one of the things that lyrics can do: create an alternate reality. A vidder who is really using her lyrics can do awesome, amazing things with them. And also make you laugh your ass off, in this particular case.[10]

Papa don't Preach was the winner of Best Storytelling in the 2009 Captain's Awards at Torchwood House. From the award annoucement:

Storytelling is an art. It is creating a new plot from scratch, and with excellent choice of music and great matching of clips, fan_eunice and trelkez have done exactly that. Papa Don't Preach tells a story like no other vid does, fitting the canon of this fandom better than anyone could have thought possible. The casting for each of the roles is inspired, and leaves viewers giggling every time they revisit this tale.

Put your hands together for fan_eunice and trelkez and their wonderful story, Papa Don't Preach![11]

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