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Name: Orphans of Discipline
Fandom: Star Wars: The Phantom Menace
URL: http://www.slasharchive.com/Orphans/Orphans.htm (Wayback link)
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Orphans of Discipline was a website with mostly Star Wars TPM fanfiction. It was a member of the Discipline Fiction Webring.

Hello, and welcome to the Orphans of Discipline site! Here you will find stories in many different fandoms, all with one thing in common - these are discipline (i.e. spanking) based stories that frequently are not allowed in regular archives. Hence the term "orphans". Stories here may be either "general" or "slash" in content, and they may or may not contain a sexual relationship, and each story will be clearly marked in the information section as to what type of story they are. In addition, the Links page contains links to mailing lists, archives, and author sites that feature discipline stories. Enjoy!

The Star Wars page had a link to the Padawan Punishment Archive and the Master and Apprentice Archive.

Star Wars - Episode 1


Insecurity by Jenna Lynn - (Discipline, m/m Slash) Following Qui-Gon's decision to take Anakin as his apprentice, Obi-Wan's jealousy leads him to a painful confrontation.

The Paddle by CoogieAnn - (Discipline, non-slash) Obi-Wan makes a paddle

Young Obi-Wan (a series) by Diana Williams - (Discipline, Non-slash) This series involves Obi-Wan as a young apprentice to Master Qui-Gon Jinn, predating The Phantom Menace, and loosely following the "Jedi Apprentice" books. Warning: Obi-Wan is 14 at the start of the series but there is absolutely no slash in these stories. The discipline is handled in a caring, parental manner but if underage participants bothers you, please give this one a skip.

  1. 1) Pride and the Fall - Obi-Wan learns the consequences of giving into false pride.
  2. 2) Deceptions - Obi-Wan gets into trouble and then tries to prevent his master from learning about it.
  3. 3) Points of View - While on an undercover mission, Obi-Wan does some investigating on his own.
  4. 4) A Dangerous Rivalry - Obi-Wan runs into an old acquaintance - with a grudge.
  5. 5) Healing - Obi-Wan and his master recover from the events on Benabeen.
  6. 6) A Matter of Ethics - Obi-Wan faces a difficult decision - and its aftermath
  7. 7) Growing Pains - Obi-Wan learns about the birds and the bees while Qui-Gon remembers snakes and tree-sloths. WARNING: Mild slash (non-Q/O) content.
  8. 8) Coming Home - A friend's return to Coruscant brings up questions about Obi-Wan's past - and his future. WARNING: Mild slash (non-Q/O) content.
  9. 9) Trouble in Small Packages - A young Royal tries Obi-Wan's patience and gets him into trouble.

Star Wars - Episode 4-6

Security Report by Eleri Sea - (Discipline, m/m Slash) A security guard at Hoth Rebel Base observes a late-night visit to Skywalker's hospital room.

Man From U.N.C.L.E.

Quid Pro Quo, by Pandora. (NC-17, m/m slash, semi-consensual spanking) Napoleon's flirting on the job finally goes too far and Illya takes him firmly in hand.


Adjustments by Foxtail. (Discipline, Slash) Richie takes on an enemy of Duncan MacLeod's and now must face his lover's wrath.


First you Catch Your Bat... by Diana Williams (Discipline, Slash) Desperate times call for desperate measures, don't they? And then again... WARNING: An Underage (17) character has a sexual relationship with an adult.

A Bird in the Hand by Diana Williams (Discipline, Slash). The morning after, from Bruce's POV. (Same Warnings)

Queer As Folk (US)

One Day It Happened by Jaxom. When Michael refuses to listen to his best friend or his mother about a new guy that's trouble, Brian takes matters into his own hands.

Quantum Leap

The Last Leap by Diana Williams (Discipline, Slash) Sam Beckett finally leaps home and finds that Al has been waiting for this day - for more reasons than one.


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