Omicron Ceti III (filk group)

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Name: Omicron Ceti Three (as per their ad in Scuttlebutt, Omicron Ceti III (as per some fans' memories)
Date(s): 1976-
Profit/Nonprofit: non-profit fan group
Country based in:
Focus: filk
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Omicron Ceti III is the filk group formed in 1976 by April Valentine, her husband Rodney, and Kathy Burns.[1]

The name of the group is taken from the planet mentioned in the Star Trek alien spores episode ("This Side of Paradise").

Omicron Ceti III was the first filk group in Trek fandom to write and perform K/S songs and the second to release an album (after Leslie Fish's Folk Songs For Folk Who Ain't Even Been Yet in 1976). Their albums were The Colors of Love in 1977 and Only Stars Can Last in 1979. They also released a tape, Omicron Ceti III and Friends, in 1980. They appeared at several cons as fan guests of honor and have been invited to appear at the Philadelphia filk con in 2011. [2]

In 1984 in Universal Translator #22, there was a proposal for a work called "Ride the Skies." It was to be a cassette album of "all new OCIII songs composed by [April Valentine] and Marcia McCombe. Includes 'Stardancer, ' from Stardance by S. & J. Robinson, 'My Friend' (ST:Wk) and more." It is unknown if it was ever issued.

Song Book

See The Complete Omicron Ceti III Lyric Book.