Octaves of the Heart Interview with Te

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Interviews by Fans
Title: Octaves of the Heart Interview with Te
Interviewer: Octaves of the Heart
Interviewee: Te
Date(s): early 2000s
Medium: online
Fandom(s): Buffyverse
External Links: online here; Archive
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I started writing fanfiction back in March of '98, because a friend of mine had an idea for a story which I found absolutely hilarious and my brain immediately began coming up with lines and scenarios. I wound up co-authoring the story with her, the story became a series, and there I was.

I was pimped into BtVS about a year after that by Woodinat and Viridian5, who take their pimping seriously. I'd had no intention of watching the show, but they told me about the characters of Spike, Ethan, and Giles, and I was intrigued. I watched the show and instantly fell in love with Xander and Faith, which I think is obvious by my earlier stories in the fandom. Heh.

BtVS has, like, the Ages of Te. I was Willow. I was Xander. I was Faith. Happily? I'm healthier than the lot of them now, but does anyone ever really fall out of love with an avatar? In any event, by the time sixth season rolled around I was in love with everyone on the show and a true addict. Which was a good thing, because Angel was pissing me right the hell off. (Insert David Greenwalt rant, complete with froth, foam, and mindless vitriol here.)
When it comes to pairings, I'm all over the place. I've referred to Buffy/Angel fandom as a haven more than once, because my attitude towards fan fiction is kind of... well, part of me is never going to understand why people write things that they see onscreen every week, when there's so much other ground to explore. So finding a fandom with the institution of UCSL was, like, God coming down from on high to give me smoochies. So. I've written everything from Willow/Spike to Spike/Angelus to Angel/Giles to Giles/Kendra to Kendra/Xander to Xander/Everyone... you get the idea. I write dark, light, edgy, fluffy, horror, romance... I think the only thing you can pretty much count on with my fic is smut. I like smut. A lot. As for the story I'm most proud of... well, that changes a lot. Like, all the time. Currently, I really like the sort of, possibly, maybe unfinished Traveler series. I reread it when I moved my site, and I really think it works. It's a brutal, *nasty* thing, but it's also really... thoughtful. It makes me look smart. *g*