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Name: notquiteroyal
Owner/Maintainer: Aja
Dates: 2004-?
Fandom: Harry Potter, Prince of Tennis, Hikaru no Go
URL: (defunct),
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notquiteroyal is an early website created by Aja (writing as "topgallant") to host her own fic and essays. Later versions of it include links to other fans' webpages.

In December 2017, Aja reported: "My old fic hosting site,, has changed to — and thanks to a truly shitty scammy domain hosting service, I haven’t been able to redirect the original url."[1]

Early Version of the Site

  • About, includes an autobiographical essay (2005)


About this site:

This site (version 4.0) was made by Orphne using fanart by Offrande.

The character depicted in the artwork you see is Echizen Ryoma from the anime series/manga Prince of Tennis (tenipuri). The jacket he's wearing belongs to Tezuka. ♥

All artwork on this site is used by permission of the artist. Reproduction or other use of Offrande's art or the art of any other artist on this site is strictly prohibited.

The name topgallant refers to the second-highest sail on the main mast of typical tall ships. The topgallant is beneath the highest sail, the royal sail; hence the domain name for this site is notquiteroyal.

Our server is Dreamhost. They really are. [2]

About Your Hostess

About your hostess:

I'm Aja. I'm the owner of I write in the Harry Potter fandom, and more recently in the Prince of Tennis and Hikago fandoms. Other fandoms I've written for are the Jane Austen fandom, the Good Omens fandom, and the Gilmore Girls fandom.

I used to have quite a long spiel here about me and my life [3]. But at the moment, I feel that it's a little pretentious to go on so much about myself. I think if you want to know about me, the best thing to do is read my fic. I also am a huge participant in the fan culture of livejournal, where I tend to spend an obsessive amount of time. [4]

Friends and Inspirations

What follows are the list of people who over the years have been my friends, fellow shippers, and constant sources of support. Credits, if you will, of all the people whose names appear elsewhere on these pages as a beta, fanartist, co-author, or inspiration for these stories. My thanks goes out to all of you, whether you are friends past or present. You have meant much to me.

Above all I want to give my love to the following people, whom I think I would truly be lost without: Rach, Orphne, Erica, Anna, Amalin, Black Dog, Dorrie, EQ, Franzi, Sam, Starla, Verdant, and the RQ.

Beta-readers: Cim (cimorene111), Clio (jlh), Dana (shaggirl), Erin (eleveninches), Franzi (franzeska), Little Alex (???), Orphne (ought), Penguin (pingviini), Rach (scrabble), Reena (lunacy), Rene (tartpants), Slightlights, Verdant (conversant).

Co-Authors: Frances Potter (dragon_charmer), Jen (legomymalfoy), Reena (lunacy).

Artists: Adrienne (adrienne111), Ali (ali_wildgoose), Alice (alicey), Alice (cellia), Ash (ashjay), Catia (Catiadoodle), Eddy (ametatsu), GaF (gredandfeorge), Glock (glockgal), Kara (starcrossedgirl), Liz (fiendling), Mawaridi, Moya (moia), Nanami (nana_rose), Nix (____nix), Rave (dorkorific), Sidhe (bhanesidhe), Spaggel (spaggel) Yasmin (yasmina), (more to come).

A few creative inspirations: Jane Austen, Georgette Heyer, Rie fu, Stephen Sondheim, The Tea Party, Space Team Electra, Jeff Mangum, J.K. Rowling. [5]

Posted Meta

The site is host to numerous essays. Some of them are linked below.

Some Front Pages

Some screenshots of the site's front page, dates unknown, but they are in order from oldest to newest.


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