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Name: Fiendling
Alias(es): Fiend
Type: Fan writer, Fan artist
Fandoms: Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, etc.
Communities: fiendart (art journal; purged)
Other: retired
URL: fiendling on LJ
fiendling on FictionAlley
fiendling on ArtisticAlley
fiendling on PSA
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Fiendling was a fanartist and fan writer best known for her work in the Harry Potter fandom, especially her Harry/Draco fanart.

Fiendling hosted her art and fanfiction at a personal website until about 2008. Her adult artwork required a password that was given out only if she received an email with an age statement.[1]

In 2009, Fiendling deleted her art from LiveJournal, though she provided a zipped file of all her fanart for download.[2] Some of her fan art can still be found online at ArtisticAlley[3] and the Potter Slash Archive.[4]

Screenshot of the homepage of fiendling's website
Screenshot of fiendling's fanart warning page


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