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Name: Nathalie Sancoeur/Mayura/Catalyst
Occupation: executive assistant/part-time supervillain
Relationships: Employee and friend of Gabriel Agreste, secretly in love with him. Parental figure to Adrien Agreste.
Fandom: Miraculous Ladybug
Nathalie and her supervillain alter egos, art by shadowmayura
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Nathalie Sancoeur is an antagonist in Miraculous Ladybug. Her supervillain identity is Mayura. She also appeared as the akumatized villain Catalyst.


Nathalie is smart, professional, and cold at times, though she begins to show more warmth in later seasons. She works for Gabriel Agreste, who she has a very close relationship with. At the beginning of Season 2, it is revealed that Gabriel is Hawkmoth, and Nathalie has been aware the entire time. She is the only one who Gabriel has trusted with his identity and plan. Nathalie is also shown to be somewhat of a parental figure to Gabriel's son, Adrien Agreste.

At the end of Season 2, Nathalie takes the Peacock Miraculous, against Gabriel's wishes, to become Mayura. Although he protests at first, he allows her to continue using it through Season 3. The broken Miraculous hurts her and makes her ill.

It was long suspected that Nathalie was in love with Gabriel. This was confirmed in the episode Stormy Weather 2. Gabriel appears to remain unaware of Nathalie's feelings, even though his own feelings for her have been called into question by Adrien.


Nathalie has been treated as somewhat of a blank slate in fandom. Prior to Season 2, her appearances were very limited. Fandom depictions were wide and varied.

Even with increased appearances, much of Nathalie's life is still a mystery. Very little is known about her relationships outside the Agreste family and what she does outside of work. Many fans have taken to filling in the blanks with their own headcanons. Fanworks commonly depict Nathalie as a friend of other adult women in the show, including Nadja Chamack, Caline Bustier, and Penny Rolling.

Notable Depictions in Fanworks

Common Tropes in Fanworks

  • Sickfic: With Nathalie's illness getting worse through Season 3, fanworks featuring her as sick or injured from the Miraculous became common.
  • Pregnancy: For unknown reasons unrelated to canon, there are a high number of Nathalie-centric fanworks that have her become pregnant, mostly with Gabriel's child.
  • Nathalie Doesn't Know: AU fanworks in which Nathalie is unaware of Gabriel's identity.
  • Protective Nathalie: Nathalie acts in a protective manner towards her loved ones, particularly Adrien.
  • Unrequited Love: Gabriel doesn't return her affections.
    • Requited Unrequited Love: Gabriel does return her affections, but neither are aware.
  • Kwami Swap: A common trope for all Miraculous holders. Kwami Swaps with Nathalie Sancoeur often involve her switching Miraculous with Gabriel.
  • Sexually Explicit Fanworks: As one of the few adult characters in the show, Nathalie smut is common.
  • Polyamory: A common solution in the fandom to allow Gabriel to be with Nathalie while still resurrecting Emilie, via the Sangrestes ship.

Common Pairings

Nathalie pairings are fairly evenly split between het and femslash.

  • GabeNath: Gabriel/Nathalie. The most popular Nathalie pairing, and number 7 overall in the fandom.
  • MamaNath: Nathalie/Emilie Agreste
  • Sangrestes: A polyamorous ship with Gabriel, Nathalie, and Emilie.
  • Stonecoeur: Nathalie/Jagged Stone
    • Agrestonecoeur: Nathalie/Gabriel/Jagged
  • Rollcoeur: Nathalie/Penny Rolling

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