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Name: Gabriel Agreste/Hawkmoth/Shadowmoth/The Collector/Lepidóptero.
Occupation: fashion designer/supervillain
Relationships: Father of Adrien Agreste, husband of Emilie Agreste. Boss and friend of Nathalie Sancoeur, with implied romantic feelings.
Fandom: Miraculous Ladybug
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Gabriel Agreste is currently the main antagonist of Miraculous Ladybug. His supervillain identity is Hawkmoth. He also appeared as the akumatized villain The Collector.

It is assumed that Gabriel will at some point lose or give up the Butterfly Miraculous, as the episode Timetagger revealed there is a new Hawkmoth in the future.


Through the first season, Gabriel is a mysterious character who doesn't make many appearances. When he does appear onscreen, he is strict, distant, and stiff. It is soon learned that Gabriel is mourning the disappearance of his wife, Emilie.

Season 2 reveals that Gabriel is the supervillain Hawkmoth. His goal as the villain is to obtain Ladybug and Chat Noir's Miraculous in order to make a wish that will bring Emilie back to life.

Gabriel can often be prickly, behaving unfairly to those around him, but he has moments of softness too, particularly for the two people he is closest with: his son Adrien, and his friend/assistant Nathalie Sancoeur. A few occasions include Gabriel and Adrien bonding over watching the movie Emilie starred in and playing a duet together on the piano. Gabriel has also been shown to care for Nathalie when she is ill.


Depictions of Gabriel vary greatly in the fandom. Some works portray him close to his canon self and explore both his negative and positive traits. Others take his character to the extreme. There are fanworks in which Gabriel is excessively abusive to his son, engaging in non-canonical actions like beating him, starving him, and cursing at him. Others focus on the villain aspect of his character and push Hawkmoth to reach truly depraved levels, erasing his goal and making him evil for evil's sake.

Some works choose to emphasize the positive qualities instead. While some of these works portray Gabriel more positively than canon from the very onset of the story, it is common to see these types of works develop his character slowly throughout the story to become a better person by the end.

Notable Depictions in Fanworks

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Common Tropes in Fanworks

  • Hawkmoth Defeat: Hawkmoth is defeated in the fanwork, typically by Ladybug and Chat Noir. Variations on this include having the Miraculous stolen by someone else or giving it up voluntarily.
  • Gabriel Redemption/Hawkmoth Redemption: Gabriel is redeemed, sometimes even becoming a hero himself.
  • Gabriel Agreste's A+ Parenting: A trope with a sarcastic title. This tag indicates that Gabriel is a bad parent in the fanwork, often pushed beyond his canonical traits.
    • Good Parent Gabriel Agreste: The subversion of this trope. Gabriel is outwardly supportive and loving to Adrien. This trope is often seen in conjunction with Lila Salt and Lila is Exposed tropes.
  • Gabriel Agreste is not Hawkmoth: A trope that was especially popular in early days of the fandom, before Hawkmoth's identity was known to be Gabriel. There are still works, however, which explore this trope in an AU setting. Sometimes this is achieved through the Evil Twin trope.
    • Gabriel Agreste is Hawkmoth: A subversion of the above. By default, most current works fall under this trope.
  • Kwami Swap: A common trope for all Miraculous holders. Kwami Swaps with Gabriel Agreste often involve him switching Miraculous with Nathalie Sancoeur.
  • Sexually Explicit Fanworks: As one of the few adult characters in the show, Gabriel smut is common.
  • Polyamory: A common solution in the fandom to allow Gabriel to be with Nathalie while still resurrecting Emilie, via the Sangrestes ship.
  • Matchmaker Gabriel: Since Adrien doesn't appear to have inherited the designing talent of his father, it is common for Gabriel to play matchmaker for him and Marinette, in hopes she will take care of that part and also improve the chances of him having talented grandchildren.

Common Pairings

Most, but not all, pairings involving Gabriel are het. The most common are:

  • GabeNath: Gabriel/Nathalie. The most popular Gabriel pairing, and number 7 overall in the fandom.
  • Sangrestes: A polyamorous ship with Gabriel, Nathalie, and Emilie.
  • Gabilie: Gabriel/Emilie
  • Agrestestone: Gabriel/Jagged Stone
    • Agrestonecoeur: Gabriel/Jagged/Nathalie

Example Fanworks


Examples Wanted: Editors are encouraged to add more examples or a wider variety of examples.


Examples Wanted: Editors are encouraged to add more examples or a wider variety of examples.

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