Mulder In Jeopardy (archive)

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Name: Mulder In Jeopardy
Date(s): ?-2006
Archivist: Lisa
Founder: Lisa
Type: Muldertorture
Fandom: The X-Files
URL: Mulder In Jeopardy (offline)
Mulder-in-Jeopardy, Archived version (Wayback link, archived link)
Mulder In Jeopardy.jpg
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Mulder In Jeopardy is a Muldertorture archive. The last update was in 2006. The archive hosts the Silver Sutures Awards.

Its associated mailing list was Mulder In Jeopardy.

The term (abbreviated as MIJ[1]) is also the name an popular X-Files fanfiction trope which is also canon. It describes stories where Mulder is endangered for example by being abducted/kidnapped, stalked or by a serial killer or held hostage in order to cause ScullyAngst (sometimes also for Krycek- or Skinner Angst, depending on the pairing) or for Hurt/Comfort.

3. Partner in peril!

This is unfortunately a somewhat sexist trope, in the sense that it's almost always Scully in peril and Mulder going off the deep end trying to help her. It does generally work better that way - in part because it's inherent to the trope that Mulder go "off the deep end", where as Scully is not the type to go off the deep end. Plus, with Mulder, his inner monologues are all: "I have to find Scully because I love her with every fiber of my being, I can neither eat nor sleep nor think clearly without her, witness my devastated, desperate, yet improbably sexy angsting." Where as with Scully, her inner monologues are all: "I have to find Mulder, it is my duty to cover for him, and if I don't come to his aid he'll be killed, which is not something I'm going to think about." Basically meaning that when Mulder is taken it's not really all that tropey.[2]

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