Mulder's Jewish Heritage

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Title: Mulder's Jewish Heritage
Creator: Mary Beth Keller
Date(s): 1997
Fandom: The X-Files
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Mulder's Jewish Heritage is a 1997 X-Files essay by Mary Ruth Keller.

Introduction by Another Fan

Mary Ruth Keller has written an article that discusses this issue. Please bear in mind that this is an opinion article and please do not not flame her for expressing an opinion on what is, sadly, a controversial issue. Click here to read it.

Since she wrote this essay, there have been one or two more hints. In "Drive," Crump, the man holding Mulder hostage, says angrily that the name "Mulder" sounds Jewish. Mulder refuses to answer this. (I have heard, from various sources, that he actually admitted that it was true, in one version of the script. However, I do't know how true this is.) Later, after Crump has raved about the Jewish-FBI-Government conspiracy, Mulder says "on behalf of the International Jewish Conspiracy, I just need to inform you that we're almost out of gas." Irony? Really, nothing is answered. What a surprise!

But then "How the Ghosts Stole Christmas" shows that Mulder does hang up a stocking, watch Christmas movies, give Christmas gifts, and that Scully expects him to be finding someone to be with, to celebrate Christmas with. However, the ghost Lyda does say to Mulder, "It's not like you'll be eating a Christmas ham." It is said in the context of him having a lonely life, not having people to celebrate with, but could be taken as implying that he's Jewish. Make of it what you will. [1]


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For me, assuming a Jewish heritage for Fox Mulder is valid, not for the explicit evidence presented in the series, but for the explanation this assumption provides for his behavior, as well as for the choices of dramatic material related to the character. Sadly, I now understand that we will never have a direct discussion of the issue, for reasons I will make clear at the end of this first section. But, there are enough clues scattered throughout the episodes that it is, at least for me, a very real possibility.

End Note: Since we are dealing with implications and shadings as presented on what is, after all, the medium of public entertainment least amenable to subtlety, let me state the following. In looking for these clues to Mulder's religious heritage, I have skated precariously close to saying: These are the traits that all Jews share, and since Mulder has them, he must be Jewish. That would be prejudice in its most dangerous and destructive form, akin to stating that all women are emotional, or all blacks are great athletes. In an age when anti- Semitism is again on the rise, racism is the absolute last thing I want readers to take away from this little discussion.

These are all HUMAN qualities I have discussed, perfectly valid, and in most cases, noble characteristics at that. All I am saying here is that these are a collection of traits Mulder has been written many times as possessing, that my Jewish friends have possessed as well, AND ABSOLUTELY NOTHING MORE THAN THAT. I have been chastised, both openly on the Creative group and in private E-mails, for developing this aspect of Mulder's personality, but I feel I must stick with it, especially given the tone of some of the comments I have received. I thank Pellinor for the opportunity to present these ideas to others. In all my stories, I have attempted to portray the actions of the Nazis and the rise of the anti-Semitic and militaristic right wing in America for the EVIL that they were and are. If these words are used to contradict any of that, I will be deeply saddened and horrified.


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