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Name: Morgan Edge, born Morris Edelstein
Occupation: president/CEO of Galaxy Communications, sometime owner of the Daily Planet, crime lord
Location: Metropolis
Status: alive in comicsverse; otherwise varies
Relationships: Vincent Edge (father)
Intergang (crime syndicate)
Fandom: DC Comics, Superman
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Morgan Edge is a character from the Superman comics and related works.

He is not usually the subject of fanworks, but can appear as a supporting character or villain in a wide array of works based on the DCU.

Comics Fandom

Morgan Edge first appeared in an issue of Superman's Pal, Jimmy Olsen in 1970 as the president of the Galaxy Broadcasting System, which buys the Daily Planet. Although it appears that Edge is involved with the crime organization Intergang, it is revealed that it was not actually Edge working with Intergang but an evil clone.

However, this original origin was retconned post-Crisis on Infinite Earths, and Edge was subsequently depicted as genuinely connected to Intergang and has appeared with some regularity as a minor Superman villain, for example forming a "Superman Revenge Squad" (twice) in 1997.[1]

The original Morgan Edge in the comics is white. A pre-Crisis backstory revealed him to be Jewish. The New 52 version of the character is African American.

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Smallville Fandom

Morgan Edge appears as a villain on Season 3 of Smallville. He was portrayed by two different actors: Rutger Hauer, then—after being presumed dead and undergoing plastic surgery—Patrick Bergin. Most fan prefer Hauer's portrayal, which is seen as slashier.

He is frequently shipped with Lionel Luthor. One fan writes: "The only way anything his character does makes sense is if you assume Morgan Edge was completely in love with Lionel and had been for decades."[2] He has also been shipped with Clark Kent, particularly Red K!Clark a.k.a. Kal.

Example Fanworks

Other Fandoms

Edge appears in an episode of the DCAU cartoon Justice League as a black market collector. After he "collects" Clayface, the Secret Society of Super Villains arrive at Edge's private island, free Clayface, and apparently kill Morgan Edge.

Morgan Edge also occasionally appears in fanworks for Superman-related fandoms that don't have their own canonical version of the character, such as Lois & Clark or Arrow.

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