More Than Words Awards

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Name: More Than Words Awards
Date(s): 2001
Frequency: biannual
Format: popular vote
Type: fanfic
Associated Community: More Than Words
Fandom: Hanson
URL:, Oct 2002 via wayback
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Banner for the awards

The More Than Words Hanfic Awards were awards for Hanson fanfic. They ran for two sessions in 2001 and were moderated by AJ.


Best Sequel
Surrealistic Emotions by Keryn

Best Series
Parts of a Picture by CandyStix

Inspired You To Write
Maybe Tomorrow by Jenn

Most Original Story Title
Cocaine Loads For the Teenage Soul by Melinda

Story Most Likely To Get You Grounded
Sugar Would Melt by Cody

Best Virgin Story
Bright Angel by Melissa

I Want To Do You Isaac
Orchid by Nanaja

What The Hell Were You Thinking Taylor
Distortedly Perfect by Jennifer

My God Zac, You Didn't Just Do That
Devil Angel by Aspen

Where's My Tissue
The Accident by Melissa

Speechless My Ass
Darkest Before Dawn by Tara

Mama Said Knock Isaac Out
Again by Jamie

Mama Said Knock Taylor Out
Cookies by CandyStix

Mama Said Knock Zac Out
One Night In A Motel by CandyStix

Sexiest Isaac Portrayal
Orchid by Nanaja

Sexiest Taylor Portrayal
Pockets Full of Money by J. Robinson

Sexiest Zac Portrayal
Surrealistic Emotions by Keryn

Best Use of a Hanson Song
Bridges of Stone
You Can Only Wait So Long by Laura and Jennifer

Best Use of a Non-Hanson Song
Loser by Three Doors Down
Distortedly Perfect by Jennifer


Best Overall Story
Falling by Sarah

Best Long Story
Three Days by Katie

Best Short Story
Wal*Mart Stories by Jennifer

Best Isaac Story
When You're Near Me by Jenny

Best Taylor Story
The Quiet One by Krystal

Best Zac Story
Stand By Me by Rosie

Best Tear-Jerker Story
I'll Be With You In Your Dreams by Molly

Best Comedic Story
Zac! Hand Over The Damn Cookies by Manda

Best Realistic Story
Pain of Awakening by Lynn

Best Series
Story X by J. Robinson

Best Isaac Development
Three Days by Katie

Best Taylor Development
In the Background by Nyx

Best Zac Development
SoulFire by Ziva

Best Non-Hanson/Original Character
Dan - Falling by Sarah

Best Villain Portrayal
Kathleen - Falling by Sarah

Best Character Twist
Tom/Karen - The Quiet One by Krystal

Most Unique Character
Winter - If Only Striking Winter by Manda

Most Creative Writer

Best Beginner Writer

Best Dramatic Writer
J. Robinson

Best Visual Writer

Most Potential Writer

Most Realistic Writer