Milhouse Van Houtan

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Name: Milhouse Van Houtan
Occupation: Student
Relationships: Luann Van Houtan (Mother), Kirk Van Houtan (Father), Annika Van Houtan (Cousin), Bart Simpson (Best Friend), Lisa Simpson (Crush), Samantha Stankey (Ex-Girlfriend), Greta Wolfcastle (Ex-Girlfriend), Taffy (Ex-Girlfriend), Edna Krabappel (Teacher), Seymour Skinner (Principal), Nelson Muntz (Bully/Schoolmate)
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Milhouse is a reoccurring character in the animated TV series, The Simpsons, and its related media.


Milhouse is a student at Springfield Elementary. He most often appears as Bart's Best friend and partner in his pranks. He is one of the least popular students at school and bullied all the time due to being considered a nerd despite being, to his own admission, not very bright.

Home Life

Milhouse does not have a very good home life. In the episode A Milhouse Divided his parents get divorced. While his mother's life becomes amazing, his father goes on a downward spiral, being extremely poor and unhappy without Luann. He has stated that his parents would often use him as a pawn in their fights.

Later in Milhouse of Sand and Fog they get back together and even remarry in Little Orphan Millie but their marriage remains troubled.

Milhouse canonically goes to therapy, although it is unclear whether he wanted to or his parents forced him to go. His mom has a tendency to coddle him, and when upset he often relies on his stuffed dog, Puppy Goo-Goo, for emotional support.


Milhouse is a fairly popular character.


Milhouse is mostly paired with his best friend, Bart Simpson. While it depends on the episode and writer the two are often shown to have close, genuine friendship despite Bart not always treating Milhouse very well.

Besides that he is also shipped with his long-time crush Lisa Simpson as while his feelings are usually unrequited, in some episodes she has ended up returning them. As for another canon love interest that the fandom will pair him with, he and Samantha Stankey his first love are also quite popular together.